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ALL of my posts are shown on my Home page now

  1. All of a sudden when I go to my home page it displays ALL of my posts I ever wrote! I didn't change this setting, and used to have it limited to 2 posts, because it takes forever to display all the photos. I have searched all through the menu options and cannot find where I can enter the number of posts to display.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Do a forum search on "infinite Scroll".

  3. And so Misty Look joins the ranks of themes on which Infinite Scroll has been implemented.

    Since Misty Look doesn't have a footer widget area like some of the other themes, it would seem there's no way to disable it, at least for now.

  4. Since they haven't yet made an official announcement about it and with the plan to implement Infinite Scrolling on more and more themes in the future, members will be coming to the forums to find out what happened to their site.

    It would be great if TPTB would leave an announcement about Infinite Scrolling at the top of the forums, as they did with the change to commenting and the removal of the OnSwipe theme for iPad.

  5. I agree with you. I will be publishing a post on this very soon as I'm working on it right now.

  6. P.S. Last year at this time the Happiness Engineers' meettup was in Vienna. Perhaps they are at a meetup now or perhaps not.

  7. Looking forward to it, tt.

    (Somehow I think they've already been. At any rate the Contact form is presently open.)

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