All of wordpress really slow for me – looks like windows mobile

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    It’s taking myself and my housemate (diff computers) 2 mins to open a page – and it looks like it was on windows mobile.

    Both my website –, and the main wordpress pages are all like this.

    The rest of the web works fine, and weirdly I can ping the website with very low timings.

    The blog I need help with is



    The URL you have posted is not valid and cannot be loaded. In fact a whois search provides the information that you specify with the “www” in the URL the domain is available for purchase.

    However, minus the “www” the URL does produce a blog being free hosted by and it loads in seconds time. See here >

    Presumably you have purchased domain mapping from your root blog to that domain. In order to receive assistance with your issue I suggest you contact Staff with all of your details and ask for their assistance



    @timethief the original URL has a comma at the end, that’s why it didn’t load for you.

    @speakingofresearch for me, loads quickly. but i too have problems displaying the stylesheets, and it makes it look like a mobile layout.

    i’ve determined that my problem is WebSense blocking the domain that the CSS files are hosted on ( but you might be having a different issue if the page takes a long time to load. contact support. they helped me resolve my issue quickly.



    Thanks I have my theme set up to display a mobile theme here > Appearance > Extras >
    ___ Display a mobile theme when this blog is viewed with a mobile browser

    Thanks for returning and telling us Staff resolved your issue.
    Happy blogging. :)


    Sometimes it works fine, sometimes the whole of wordpress is slow as hell – what can explain these changes?



    If you want an answer to that question you will have to provide Staff with all your details. Every time Staff deals with a technical issue they need to know:

    1. Your operating system and how you connect to the internet and to
    2. Your browser and your browser version.
    3. Whether or not you have tried this >
    4. A very good description of the exact problem

    * I did:
    * I saw:
    * I expected:


    1. Windows 7
    2. Firefox 3.6.3 (and also with IE8 x64)
    3. Yes tried all of the above

    Most of the time I use wordpress the page takes ages to load (if it loads at all). It often comes up looking like Windows Mobile. Often it takes 3 mins to load a page.

    My connection is fine for all other webpages.



    I just want to make sure that you do report your details to Staff by creating a support ticket and I can’t tell from your last response if you did contact them yet or not. Here’s that link again

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