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    I am viewing in IE and all the text in posts other than today’s appear underlined. Not just the title or headings is underlined, ALL the text in the entire posts. I have looked at other WordPress blogs and not found this problem elsewhere.

    I have opened these old posts in the manage section and they all appear fine, the look fine when I ask to view post, but when I visit the site that’s where everything is underlined.

    My blog is

    Can anyone else see the underlines or is it just on my signed in version. Any suggestions as to how to fix it



    I’m using FF and they only thing that is underlined is your
    links in your article…



    Also if you search the forums you’ll
    see that people are having alot of
    problems with IE & wordpress
    I recommend downloading a
    different Browser… = )



    @billie – I see you’ve underlined one sentence for emphasis in each of the most recent posts and then there are the full underlines. You likely have an open tag.

    Set your blog to display only one post and go through them one at a time till you find the problematic one. When you do, use the code cleanup tool (it looks like a little broom) in the editor to fix it.


    Thanks everyone.

    I’m not sure I understand how to do what you suggest Ellaella, but I’ll try thank you.

    Billie :)



    In your dashboard, under Settings>Reading you can set your blog to display only 1 post.

    If you can’t find the clean up code icon, there’s an entry in the FAQ called What do all the icons mean. It will show you.


    Hi Ellaella

    I don’t understand code :( am I looking for an underlined sentance that I need to remove the underline from or were you refering to the HTML code?

    Sorry, but I’m new to all this so HTML is beyond me I’m afraid. Do I need to buy the Dummies guide book?

    Thanks for trying to help me.

    Billie xx



    By looking at your blog page by page (I see that you have got it set to only show one post on the page), you should be able to see the post that has all of the underlining in it. (The next one behind it won’t show it.) Once you have identified the post, edit it and use the clean up code icon (I think it is now the eraser on the second line of icons) and save it. The problem should clear up.

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