All Photo Galleries have disappeared

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    I created a separate blog to contain old material Into this I transferred old material, including lots of photo galleries. I checked and they were all there and could be viewed. Then I deleted the pages from my current Blog. Recently however, all of the galleries have disappeared, the pages are still there, just no galleries. All of the written material I transferred is still OK and visible.

    I still have all of the photos in my Media section of my main blog. How can I get the galleries back? Can I go back to an earlier version of my current blog, which should still have the old galleries, and then copy the galleries into my Archive blog?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    We do regular backups of sites. If you want your own backup, I recommend regularly running an export from your Dashboard under Tools.

    You can also use that export file to populate a new WordPress site at any time by reversing the process and importing that content.

    It looks like a month ago you deleted a number of pages, but that should have no impact on other pages on your site, or images/galleries on other sites. However, if you have deleted pages with galleries, you can recreate them using images that remain in your media library, assuming you did not delete the images themselves.


    Thank you, I know that I can recreate the galleries from the media images but this would take a long time. Can I not retrieve the deleted pages from my primary blog, wgccgolfersnotices? If I can, how can I then import them to my archives blog with the galleries/images they contain?



    Once you have trashed pages and then emptied the trash, those pages are deleted. If they are still sitting in your trash, however, you can restore them.


    Thanks, unfortunately they were deleted about 6 weeks ago, so are no longer in Trash. Is it possible to restore an old version of the Blog from April, which is when I transferred the files, or thought I had, to my other Blog?



    Hi there,

    I’ve sent you an email explaining your options. Please check there and let me know how you wish to proceed.

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