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    Hello dear wordpress users and members,

    about two weeks ago all the images/media on our blog suddenly disappeared (a few hundred). All pictures and gifs were gone, in the blog articles and also within the media gallery. Except for about 10 images from the first days of our blog.
    Is there a reason and maybe also a possibility to restore the lost media? (backup, fix, etc.) That would be fantastic.
    I am thankful for any kind of advice and suggestions on why this may happened.
    Lots of greetings to everyone,


    The blog I need help with is



    Where were the missing images hosted?

    Were they hosted on another site and did you hotlink to them?

    Did you are someone with access to your site delete the images from your media library?

    If you are hotlinking to images hosted on servers that are not wordpress.COM servers wherever they are hosted can make sure they do not display so you and your site visitors are not using their bandwidth.

    Images and media you upload into your media library and embed into posts and pages are on wordpress.COM servers. They remain visible unless or until you delete them from your media library. Deleting them from your media library also removes them from every place you embedded them in the blog and leaves behind broken links.

    Staff cannot restore images you delete from your Media Library. You have to upload them all again, and then fix every broken image link in every post/page it was embedded into previously.

    If you upload lots of images you can exhaust that free space allocation quickly. Currently, the only way to get an extra space allocation after you upload the images again, is to purchase an upgrade bundle.


    Hi John –

    There were a number of files deleted off your site 3 weeks ago. You can try to find them with a google image search and then download them again, and add back in to the posts where they were removed from.

    When an image or file is deleted from the media library it is also removed from its spot within the site or blog.



    Thanks for the quick followup. :)


    No problem, timethief. Good timing ;)






    Thank you both for your replies and please apologize my late response. Nobody had access to our media gallery and it was only used for about 50%. As you already suggested we began to upload all the important pictures again manually. I just hope that this won’t happen a second time. Thank you very much for your tipps and help,



    Hi John –

    Thank you for posting the follow up here. It’s a good idea to increase your password security on the account with a new password and enabling 2 step authentication.
    More details here:

    If you’re using a public computer be certain to sign all the way out of the account when finished.

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