All posted URL images showing broken image symbol

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    For more than a week all images showed up properly, until today all my posts had the broken images symbol replacing the images instead.

    I’ve tried everything that came in my mind from clearing history, cache, cookies, try a different web browser and even loading the page on a different PC. The results were all the same.
    BTW I used the ‘Add Media’ button to add the URL images to the posts.
    Example page with broken image showing >> LINK
    Is any one experiencing the same problem as me? help!

    The blog I need help with is


    The URL on that broken image link is:

    That is not an image URL.

    An image URL here would look something like this:

    Did you by chance delete images from your media library?



    The problem has been solved. The image hosting website I’m currently using changed all of my image URL’s thus leading to the broken images showing up on my blog posts

    This has happened many times using this host and its really irritating to re-link all the images of my entire blog manually. do you know of any image hosting website that keep the image URL’s fixed?


    That is always a possible issue with image hosting sites and I’m not at all sure what to recommend. In general having your images here in the media library of your site is the best and will result in faster loading times and you don’t have to worry about a host changing the URLs or whatever. You get 3.2GB of media storage space here with your account, and with properly optimized images, that is a lot of storage.

    At any rate, glad you found out what the problem was, but sorry you have to go through the process of fixing all the links.

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