all posts appearing in the home page plzzz help…

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    hey frnds im a newbie to blooging(started 2 days back),my prob is dat all the posts dat i write r appearing in the homepage even though i include the post in a particuler category

    plzzz help me…..



    Can you post a link to your blog?


    i want to display the post on youtube only after the user clicks the you tube category


    The oly way to do that is to change the home page. For example make it the ‘about’ page. Then people will have to click the category links to view posts. Persomally though i hate that, and dont visit blogs that use it


    plzzz someone explain me in detail… a newbie….@tiamatdisciple plzzz temme how do i do dat….



    techieleecher, the home page is designed to show all your latest posts from all categories. if your reader wants to see posts only from one category, all they have to do is click on the name of the category (you must insert the categories widget in your sidebar first) and it will show a page of all your posts in that certain category.

    what tiamatsdisciple is suggesting that if you don’t want to show your latest posts in the front page, you can set a static page, so that it becomes the front page instead of your latest posts being the home page. pls refer to this faq for more info:



    Another way to only have one post on the page would be to reduce the number shown on the front page to one:
    Options -> Reading -> Show at most: 1 posts



    Another thing you can do is predate the post containing the youtube video before the last post on your page. That way it won’t show up on your home page.



    In a blog, all the posts DO show on the home page of the blog in the order they were posted; they don’t just exist off by themselves. If you set up your blog so that every single post is behind two clicks the way you’re talking about, people won’t bother reading it.

    If you want to get a better idea of how many people are reading each individual post, why don’t you use the More button in the visual editor? You write your post with the YouTube video or whatever on it, then inside the post but before your video you click the More button (looks like a dotted line on a page) and that will split the post. The only part that will show on the main page is the part before you hit that button. The rest they will have to click on “Read the rest of this entry” to see.



    Please note this from the blog in question:

    due to some unavoidable reasons this blog has moved to … blogspot …



    Aaaaand good luck with the forums there.

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