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    I want all my posts in the Recent Posts

    In the past I could have them listed.

    Now there is a 50 limit. How to change it back?

    See my blog theme

    The blog I need help with is


    If it were able to show all the posts, then it wouldn’t be called Recent Posts, would it?

    Usually to change the number of posts, you’d go to the Recent Posts widget and just change the number. Dashboard – appearance – widgets.

    If there really is a limit, and I’d assume there would be, then no – you can’t change it.



    Until yesterday I could use this loophole and have All posts in Recent posts, which is my goal.



    As absurdoldbird pointed out, displaying all your posts as recent posts is a contradiction in terms. If you wish to display links to all your posts, you can use the archives shortcode in a Text widget.



    Note: Suffice to say that loading down a sidebar with links to every post in a blog is bound to increase page loading time which results in people clicking about before the page even loads. Add to that the fact that more and more people are accessing out blogs via mobiles and tablets. That means our future will be responsive width themes (sidebars displaying below posts in mobiles), effective use of custom menus and post formats.

    Now there is a 50 limit. How to change it back?

    You can’t.



    Agree 100% with the OP on this.  There is NO MAXIMUM shown in the Recent Posts widget like there is in the Recent Comments widget (which actually says 15 max; & the Twitter widget which also says a maximum of 10 or 15).

    For the record, I am against all such imposed limits (not that that will carry any weight).  I just noticed today I cannot get the Recent Posts widget to go beyond 50.  Grrrr; even though it does NOT say there is any limit whatsoever.  

    My left sidebar is specifically for the Recent Posts & Recent Comments widgets & I want the column to be FULL of that content all the way to the footer (white space alternative is hideous).

    To be blunt, the narrow-minded idea that Recent Posts would be a contradictory term is ridiculous.  Did it ever occur to “Happy Engineers” that we RENAME the widget!?  Hello!  All Recent Posts widgets on all my blogs say “PREVIOUSLY” by choice (NO TIME FRAME INDICATED — ON PURPOSE!), thereby completely negating your “RECENT” Posts Contradiction arguments!  (Doesn’t anybody “think outside the box” around here?)

    As for the old worn out argument re page loads, WHO CARES?  Most people have high speed internet now.  And I could care less if Google doesn’t like it.  Having a READILY VISUAL LIST of all posts/titles is MORE important for keeping people on your site.  What better & EASIER way for them to find your older posts than a nice neat list in the left column/”PREVIOUSLY”-widget?(& Google reads the left column first! which is a GOOD thing for exposure of old post titles, yes, even BEYOND 50!)  I have been using Pilcrow on several blogs for this reason, 3 columns, so I could have an UNLIMITED list of “PREVIOUS”-widget post titles in the left column.

    Ugh.  Another makes-no-good-sense-whatsoever shackle by  Will try the shortcode alternative.  



    And I must add after seeing TT’s reasoning re smartphones:  DISAGREE 100% AGAIN!  Wrong wrong wrong!  Do you people even surf via smartphone?  This is a huge pet peeve so please consider…  

    As a 100% *FULL-TIME* iphone/internet user for 3.5 years 16 hours a day, I loathe & despise MOBILE sites & have Mobile turned **OFF** on all my own WP blogs (& will NEVER use a hideous, Nazi-control-freak-“RESPONSIVE”-theme ever!), & any other site that FORCES me onto a mobile version of their site WITH NO CHOICE &/or NO WAY TO ESCAPE IT & access their FULL-SITE gets added to my “NEVER Visit That MISERABLE Mobile Site Again!” list.

    ALL web devs everywhere, who presume & ASS-U-ME that we mobile users WANT mobile sites are SMACK DEAD WRONG!  

    Give us your FULL-SITE FIRST ALWAYS! & THEN — *IF* — *WE* decide we want your mobile version, let *US* be the one to DECIDE to access mobile & NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.  

    “RESPONSIVE” themes are downright EVIL made/approved by Internet Control Freaks who are REMOVING CHOICE FROM THE USER (hello New World Order Dictatorship-style Thinking re Themes!)  Did I say you guys are DEAD WRONG yet? 

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