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    all my older posts are showing the same older picture, although if I go into those posts to edit them, they show the correct image. Do I have a bug?

    The blog I need help with is



    Can you give us some direct links to the affected posts? Is the image uploaded to your media library, or is it hotlinked from somewhere?


    When the post is opened, the images show correctly. But the preview on my blogs’ main page is incorrect.
    The image IS in my image library. It was my first posts’ image, I believe.
    Here’s a link to a post (it shows correctly):



    Interesting. You’re not the only person with this issue, so I’ll flag this for staff. Looks like a bug’s going around. The other images haven’t been deleted, just replaced on the main page, yes?


    that’s exactly right.



    It’s a bug affecting gallery format posts in Blogum. You’ll have to wait till WP takes heed and fixes it. In the meantime you can bulk edit the gallery format posts and turn their format to standard.


    any idea how long it takes WP to fix this kind of thing?


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    I’m not seeing the problem myself.

    If you’re still having trouble, would you please give me a link to the post or page with the problem?


    It’s no longer doing that… Strange. Apparently I wasn’t the only one with the problem, and it lasted a couple of days. If WP didn’t fix it, how did it go away?



    I imagine someone fixed it in the hundreds of changes that go through every day, I just wasn’t aware of it myself until now, so I wasn’t tracking it. :)





    You’re welcome!



    This is happening on our blog as well. The same image is showing up in every post when I broadcast it to FB. The strange thing is it’s not doing it when using my husband’s computer who also posts from the same wordpress blog. I would really like the image I put within the blog to show instead of the same one from several posts ago. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!



    That’s a very different issue, would you please open a separate thread?

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