All test on blog is in another color

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    I have been having serious problems all day. First I was repeatedly sent a reset message that
    prevented me from getting into the blog. Then I noticed that things I was doing on the visual
    page had no bearing with what was on the code page. Finally, I just posted an article that had colorized all the references cited. Because they were in a dark color and the site is dark, I changed them all. Suddenly I noticed the entire back half of the article was now colorized. I went into the code and took out all the color, went back to the site, and saw
    that all the posts were now colorized as was all the info in the right column (2 column site). The site is I’ve gone into the individual code on each post and there’s nothing indicating that the text should be colored. Please Help!



    There are widespread problems that staff are working on right now. Please be patient. :)

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