All text in theme Twenty Eleven in bold when composing

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    Last week, for no discernible reason, any post I compose (including opening previously written drafts) displays only as bold. It is browser independent, occurring in both Chrome and Firefox. I’ve had to change themes because of it. I’d like to revert back to Twenty Eleven but when I tried reverting, the same bold text behaviour started. Since the theme does not come with ability to change font I have no idea what happened nor how to fix it.

    Any input appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there!

    Hmm, that’s strange. I’m not able to reproduce this, so I need a bit more information to help you troubleshoot.

    Are you seeing the bold text in the post editor area, or on your front-facing site, or both?

    Can you activate Twenty Eleven, edit a post with the bold text problem, then switch to Text view and take a screenshot? This will let me see the code to check for errant tags.

    If this is happening on the front end, can you post a screenshot of what you’re seeing so we can investigate further? Thank you!


    Hi, thanks for the response. I’m seeing it in mini and full screen compose and on the site, but not in mobile view.

    I’ll try that tomorrow morning, when my page views are lower and then post back, if that’s ok?


    Okay, I switched back to Twenty Eleven this morning briefly, and the problem recurred.

    Front facing post with Twenty Eleven activated. Bold text visible on most recent post.

    Compose on normal view with Twenty Eleven activated.

    Text view on compse window with Twenty Eleven activated.

    Bold button is not activated on any. Text is still in bold. Highlighting text and selecting/unselecting Bold has no effect.

    Any help appreciated.




    Thanks. I ticked the option to automatically fix XHTML, and removed one text widget, to no effect. Can’t see any open Div tags.



    Thanks for the screenshots!

    It looks like you’re using Hum, not Twenty Eleven. If you switch to Twenty Eleven, does the problem persist?

    And are you using a Mac or a Windows computer?


    It was definitely Twenty Eleven. And in case I’d made a mistake, I tried it three times. I’m using Linux Mint (13).



    Sorry for the confusion. This screenshot is what leads me to believe you’ve activated Hum:

    This is Twenty Eleven — they’re similar, but use different stylesheets. Can you confirm you’re using Twenty Eleven and not Hum? This will allow me to check our records to see if any font-related changes have been made to the stylesheet in the last week or so.


    Thanks. It’s probable that the last time I went to activate 20 11 for this test that I selected Hum instead, as they both show up in the Theme search beside each other. Sorry!

    So I’l redone it, confirmed I’ve activated Twenty Eleven and the problem is definitely still there. Also, this problem arose after I’d been using 20 11 for a year.

    Here’s the front page on twenty Eleven.

    Here’s a fullscreen HTML layout of the text.



    No worries, just wanted to make sure.

    I’m not seeing any changes made to Twenty Eleven since about 4 months ago, and then nothing that should have affected the fonts.

    I’m not able to reproduce in IE, Chrome, Safari, or Firefox on Windows or Mac. The good news is, this tells me most of your readers are probably not seeing the bold text.

    I don’t have a Linux computer handy, but I will ask around to see if my colleagues can test for this. In the meantime, are you able to test on another computer?



    Hi there,

    I’m just following up with you. I did some testing, and was also unable to reproduce the issue. Did you get a chance to test your site out on another computer that is running Linux Mint? That’ll let us rule out a computer-specific issue.

    Also, I see that you’re now using Twenty Twelve. Does the problem still occur with Twenty Twelve, or any other themes (besides Twenty Eleven and Hum)?


    No access to another computer for now. Problem replicates on Firefox & Chrome, so I assume must be browser independent.

    I’m only on Twenty Twelve because the issue doesn’t manifest there , but does when I revert back to Twenty Eleven (which I prefer).



    Let’s see if this is a font issue. Can you visit this test blog and tell me if the text is still bold? I’ve changed the font on this blog from Helvetica Neue to Georgia.

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