All text on my blog is italicized suddenly!

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    I use the Kubrick default template, and all of the text on my blog posts, sidebar stuff, tags, everything is suddenly italic. This is true in both Firefox and Safari (latest versions, I’m on an Intel Mac)…

    Is this happening to anyone else? Can anyone tell me what might be going on? I just published a new post today, yesterday everything was normal.

    Thanks in advance!



    Now the side bar is fine, and the latest post (except for tags), but all the previous posts are still all in italics….

    Am I all alone in my little italicized Kubrick world??….


    Look back to where the siege of italics begins. You probably left the italics tag open, or there’s a “more” code that is blocking the italics-off tag.



    Ah, you were right. That persnickety “more” thingy had messed them up. Thank you so much!!!! I appreciate your help.

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