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    After publishing two new posts last night, all the text on my blog is now underlined – can can anyone advise a fix?


    The blog I need help with is



    Hello: adventuresinprimetime, I recommend going to your Settings โ†’ Writing โ†’ then check mark โ†’ “WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically” Then edit the affected posts and click on the eraser icon to strip all formatting from your post then click update

    The button is number 7 ยป



    I cannot see anything like you say in your blog. Can you provide a link ?
    Most probably you have opened an underline tag and forgot to close it, or missed it.


    The site affected is (it did ask me to select which one when I posted this but it doesn’t seem to be showing it)


    This is generally cause by an open text formatting tag (no closing tag. Do as slikbonez suggests and that should fix it.


    I did have trouble with one of the widgets last night and a quick look at it shows that somehow a ul tag was in there (there shouldn’t have been one) – removing that seems to have fixed it.

    Thanks for your help guys, scary how such a small error can do some much.



    You’re welcome!



    Probably your About The Blog widget started it.


    It was actually the Coming Soon widget, no idea why there was a ul in there though


    One thing I noticed is that you have a good number of formatting errors according to the W3C validator. .

    Make sure and format the ending tags correctly. Many of your ending tags do not have the slash in them such as the following:

    <u>this is underlined text<u> there should be a slash in the ending tag such as </u>


    Thanks thesacredpath – I tend to use the editing tools in the system for most links (highlight text, insert link) so not sure why so many errors happen. These might be more in the widgets of course where it’s mostly manual.

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