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All these FAKE likes!!! :-(

  1. I don't mind getting likes. I am happy when people visit my site and read my posts. I don't get many visits, but that's because I am writing about esoteric things that are not mainstream, and that's ok. Not everyone is into this stuff. I get it.

    But I am getting all these 'fake' likes from people who have never even visited my blog, and they are identical to each other. They are obviously computer-generated automatically every time I create a new blog, and I am wondering if all this spam is something that WordPress came out with, or if it's it a viral spam bot that some user spread onto the WordPress community.

    Is anyone else having this issue?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Likes can't be removed, but you can turn them on or off on a post by post basis.

    Also bear in mind that a post can be 'Liked' without anyone having visited the post itself, via the Reader and elsewhere. So it might not all be bots. But unfortunately, yes, some will be. That goes with the territory...

  3. Thanks for responding, absurdoldbird. I don't want to turn off likes if there are legitimate reasons for their existences, so I'll just keep them as is. I just don't want to be email-notified every time I get a like. It fills up my email in box, like bad spam does.

    Like I said, I am happy to receive email notifications to written responses to my posts, but not all these fake likes. Would there be a way to turn off the email notifications for the likes, but keep the email notifications for everything else?

  4. wildhairyhaggis

    Hi Taobabe

    Yes to turn off email likes, go to Dashboard/Settings/Discussion and in the block - "email me whenever" , untick "someone likes one of my posts.

    hope that helps :)

  5. sanctifiedbrother

    Hi taobabe,
    There are many spam "likers" out there. It's a traffic scheme. There are a few on my blog. The idea is to like your page so you be curious enough to see who they are (traffic! Another page load! LOL). You end up on their landing page and get soft sold on the same program they're using. They win by gaining another page load, another person in their downline, or both.

    You can turn off notifications to the likes, however I believe they'll still show up in your notifications when you go to WordPress…

  6. @wildhairyhaggis
    Thanks for sharing the relevant instructions for disabling email notifications of "likes" on the Settings > Discussions page under "E-mail me whenever" __ Someone likes one of my posts.

  7. wildhairyhaggis

    You're welcome :)

  8. It's good to have another problem solver on board. :)

  9. wildhairyhaggis

    I came on looking for something completely different and was side tracked :)

  10. And so it begins. The desire to help that cannot be overcome. ;)

  11. wildhairyhaggis

    and so it begins
    the nature within us
    reaches out
    to help
    the nature without us
    and so
    we help
    because of the desire
    to help :)

  12. Oh my! You are a poet. Now following!

  13. LOL. Thanks everyone, for your assistance. :-) I don't mind it so much, now that you all have explained the reasons behind it. Peace and light to everyone.

  14. You're welcome and peace be with you always.

  15. wildhairyhaggis

    Thanks for following :)

  16. :)

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