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All Time Top Rated-Change / Enhance Widget Somehow

  1. I noticed the widgets for "Top Clicks" and "Top Posts and Pages" only cover views for past 24-48 hrs. "Top Rated" is not useful, since I don't get alot of viewers who rate my stuff nor would I expect them.

    Is there a way to change the Widget to include All time Top Posts...or would that affect loading time of blog onto computer?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Sorry I meant Top Posts as those getting most hits/views.

  3. I'm sorry but the answer is "no" there is no way to do this.

  4. You can suggest this to Staff in the Ideas Forum >
    Forum threads here >

  5. What I've done, since I have a lot of pages on my blog & they actually are pretty heavily visited, is create my own text widget for "most popular pages." I had been going to use a 30-day average, but I've decided to use the 7-day average, instead, since there will be a little more movement that way. You could do the same with your posts, only use the "all time" stats to create your list.

    The drawback to this, of course, is that it needs to be updated manually. I plan to update my list minimally once a week. I started with just 5 pages in the list when I first made it, but I've expanded it to 10 & made it a scroll box so it doesn't take up too much space in the sidebar.

  6. The other drawback based on my experience is that almost every site will have 5-10 posts or pages that consistently get views via search engines and such and so the first 10 spots on the list seldom, if ever change. Doing "most visited" basically ends up creating a static list of posts.

    Watch your "all time" stats for a few weeks and see if that isn't the case for your site as well. Typically the first ten on the list have such huge numbers that it virtually never changes.

  7. It may not work as well for posts, but I think it's useful on my blog for my visitors, since many of them will be seeking the same info -- but mine is not an "all time" list, either, just the most recent 7 days.

    I also use the widgets provided by for the most visited posts/pages (both are included) and most clicked links -- the most popular posts are usually really recent ones, which makes sense for a widget that draws from the last couple days of stats. The most popular clicks, however, vary widely -- they can be click-throughs from recent posts or click-throughs from pages, sometimes pages that are "old."

    Anyway, I figured that providing the most popular pages, I was providing visitors to the blog one more way to find what they're looking for -- even if it may be a self-reinforcing list, so to speak.

  8. Yeah, something like perhaps the last 7 days would work, but on my friend's blog, there were only 5 on the top ten at 7 days that were not on the top 10 all-time, so half the list would never change. And I included posts only when counting those up, no pages.

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