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all widgets disappeared

  1. All widgets disappeared in my blog. My sidebar is crazy, the links are all messy. I have no widgets on my dashboard. I'm using Benevolence 1.0. Has anyone experienced this. Is it just a temporary bug? I hope so... :(

  2. Mine too!!!!! I nearly fell over when I saw it. Mine's Regulus 2.1.3 by Ben Gillbanks. Very upset. Very.....

  3. same here with Pressrow theme

  4. mine too, @ 2 blogs. :(

  5. The same happened to regulus...

  6. yep

  7. The same here, with Regulus... Instead of one side bar columns there are two, all links are messed together, and there are no sidebar widgets, neither on the blog nor in Dashboard.

  8. Same here, I'm on PressRow --what's left of it! But worse than all the info in the widgets *POOF* --the blank widgets, flickr, etc., disappeared from >"Presentation"
    So: this is a job for "FEEDBACK"!

    ~elizabethwong: "very upset"??? lol, It's hardly personal.

    Just: Write to Support >upper right corner of "Dashboard" >Feedback

  9. and now they are back.


  10. Sorry about that, folks. A performance booster went wrong so we reverted it.

  11. Whew...Thanks for the quick fix! :)

  12. De-lish! It was creeeepy, look'n so nekid, so Big Thanks!

    (and: Thanks for Speedy-Swift reply to my Feedback! Thot I'd say it here, instead of making your mailbox groan!)


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