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All wordpress sites have problems loading/ load only the barebones version

  1. I have attempted to visit wordpress websites - from blogs to the official or .con or even .tv, or even this page,; and I did that from two different computers (Windows) with different updates etc. Yet for almost 12 hours now ALL wordpress pages look like a sitemap, with only bare text and links on a white page, and no images, themes, templates - anything. I have tried to find a solution for this on the Internet, but a couple of hours of looking led nowhere, Would truly appreciate a solution.

    Note: even these barebone pages load very, very slowly. Hitting refresh does not solve the problem.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. yes, everything totally stuffed.

  3. This started last night (Monday 8.22.2011) for me with IE,Mozilla, and my iPAD (the OnSwipe does not work there either).

    I emptied the cache, updated Flash, but any webpage is loading very slowly and barebones. I wish they would post something to let users know this. It would relieve me greatly, as I am sure they will get it fixed.

    I am using WordPress with my students, but now I am wondering if I should switch to Google's blogger?


  4. This is not a site specific problem. These kind of problems may occur due to JavaScript and Connection problems. Make sure Javascript is enabled and Internet connection is working well. For more troubleshooting options see:

  5. I don't think so. My feeling is that it IS a wordpress issue, as others are having the same problem. I have no problems with any other websites loading - it is only WordPress on any computer I use where speed and coding seem to be a mess.

    This is the first time I have had any problem with WordPress in the 2 months I have been using it.

    Thank you for responding, though.

  6. I'm not having any problems like this. If this is a problem, then only staff (and some other volunteers) can suggest you how to recover from it. I'v tagged this thread for Staff attention. [huh? Fourth 'modlook' tag.]

  7. Thank you! I updated my JAVA, emptied my cache, and my Internet connection is excellent. It did not help. I cannot get my page to look correct or load quickly on my laptop, the hardwired computer or the iPAD. I am so frustrated.


  8. kimsarahtillyer

    I've also been having problems with viewing images on WordPress, and uploading them to my blog. I thought it was a problem with my browser but after getting Firefox6 its just the same. I've reported the problem but had no answers yet....
    ( my broadband is very slow but I'm not having any problems elsewhere)

  9. I am concerned that this has almost been 24 hours like this, as I have a personal blog, but also one for my students. I will most likely move that one to Blogger as I have never had any problems with their sites over the years. I just liked WordPress better in terms of look and working with it, but I can't have it doing this doing the school year.

    We have FIOS and everything else is fast and loading well except both my WordPress sites. Nuts!

  10. Thanks for posting. I tested all the blogs listed on this thread so far, and they all work for me without any troubles! I am working in NYC today. For those with connection problems, does it help you to view your site or dashboard via https instead of http?

    Also, by chance are you guys all using the same ISP or are you in the same general location as other people experiencing the same problem? Especially those with trouble viewing images. The two issues may or may not be related, so I want to try to work that out.

  11. @ziaclara - your site loads quick and completely - Firefox 6.0 - West Coast of the U.S.

  12. I've just made a posting about 20 minutes ago about a similar problem. My blog ONLY loads like this from my house. Everywhere else it's fine. And when I load it through from my house, it works fine. There appears to be some MIME type error. All browsers are affected. See my post for more info.

  13. Thanks for checking auxclass. I hope this can get fixed. It is unnerving. I wish I knew more, but alas, it is not my strong point. I rely on those razor-sharp tech people!

  14. @ziaclara - Seriously try both, loading from a different location (coffee shop, etc), or from your phone. If it works from those places, then we're having the exact same problem.

  15. Above my pay-grade on the what is the problem - but I have seen some threads over the last year where there were loading problems and some of them were specific to the ISP provider (in one case the ISP took out about half a country from seeing sites on WordPress.COM) - might be worth asking your ISP if they are having any problems or can see any issues with WordPress.COM sites.

  16. Wow! We just had an earthquake 5.8 in Maryland!

  17. We felt it too here in Arlington VA!

  18. Clinerose, I will try when I get out to see if I can get it. I have never heard of PageWash. I am going to just hope it goes away...does denial work? That is about my tech level.

  19. Could this be region-specific? I am in Maryland, also. Btw, cache emptied, and internet speed is very fast - FIOS.

  20. Checked! WordPress does work with PageWash! What does that mean? Why? What changes must I make, then? Anyone could give us a hint?

    Clinerose, your suggestion was excellent , but I am not sure what this means now for us. Could you suggest a next step, by any chance?

  21. I found specific problems last night, and I posted about them in this forum earlier today. See my most recent post. I also have FIOS, but now I'm at my friend's house (also in Arlington) and everything works fine from here. I called Verizon and they insisted that it was a browser problem, which is clearly not the case.

  22. Do the images work for you at these links?

    P.S. Earthquakes are unnerving!

  23. wpgaurav mentioned that he was going to tag this problem for the staff. I hope they can look into it fairly soon. I would love to hear from someone on the staff about this - if it has happened before or what they did about it.

  24. I ran the "YouGetSignal" page, which checks the web server on which and other wordpress sites are located. It gave me this
    Found 472 domains hosted on the same web server as (

    "It appears that the web server located at may be hosting one or more web sites with explicit content. The web sites in question are highlighted in red below. There is a possibility that all of the web sites on this web server may be blocked by web filtering software. Search engine rankings for these web sites may be affected as well."

    This might explain why viewing them through pagewash works? Of course, I don't really know what the implication of this is - what can we do about it, to start viewing wordpress sites in full again.

  25. @ziaclara, looking into it. Trying to get more info from users to identify who/where exactly is affected.

  26. In the Chrome inspector last night I got the following error:

    Resource interpreted as Stylesheet but transferred with MIME type text/html

    This explains, in my mind, why the pages look 'bare-bones' because the CSS Stylesheets are failing to load. Beyond that I'm clueless, but the pattern indicates that this is some Verizon problem.

  27. @hicsunt, I think that list from YouGetSignal is only relevant if your specific URL is listed.

    It's possible your anti-virus or firewall software is blocking some supporting files for you though. What anti-virus software are you guys using?

  28. I tried earlier disabling the anti-virus (shutting down the process tree), but that did not help. My anti-virus is Webroot.

  29. I have Norton, but only on one of my machines. This is affection my PC laptop, Mac laptop, and iPad. But ONLY from my house. When I take them elsewhere it works just fine. I have FIOS at home.

  30. @designsimply - sometimes in the past when this happened a Happiness Engineer posted links to three sites that I think had the CSS stuff on them and then ask people with if they could get the sites to load (I think they just loaded plain text files) - sorry I can't remember the links or who the H. E. was that worked the last problem like this.

    The end result was problems with ISP's and in some cases firewalls that killed some of the WordPress.COM sites with files (you have a very distributed system).

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