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    One of my regular readers has been having trouble accessing my site for a number of weeks. She reports that it is very slow to load and often has no Gravatars or images. I think the sidebars are often not displayed either (but I’m not sure). On my advice she has cleared her cache, cookies, history, and temporary files, but this doesn’t help.

    She has used IE8, FF 5 and Google Chrome. They all exhibit the same behaviour. She does live in a “slow” broadband area (typically 1.2 Mbps) but can view other websites without problems. I have since discovered that ALL WordPress sites are affected. I am fairly sure that its her ISP which is at fault. (Eclipse in the UK).

    Is this possible? She has contacted them on numerous occasions but all they can suggest is sending an engineer out to check their telephone connections.

    Any ideas?

    The blog I need help with is



    We need your wordpress link please


    Sorry – thought it was linked from my username.

    My wordpress link is (its a private blog) but she is having problems with in general. Any one of your 10 million or so blogs is slow to load.



    Me too. is very slow to load. The dashboard is even slower, and I can’t edit pages at all. Just a whitepage results. doesn’t load at all.

    I couldn’t even load this page ( for a while. I can now see text, but not images.



    Update. I’m now getting images, but no CSS. And I can now see brickiesgazette – at least, I get a message saying “private”.

    And I can edit again, but when I try to preview I get: uses an invalid security certificate.

    The certificate is only valid for the following names:
    * ,

    Are your servers somewhere where Hurricane Irene might be doing damage?

    Perhaps today’s not a good day to be blogging…



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