All Work on Blog Is Gone or Not Visible

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    I worked on my blog for all last weekend.
    I looked at it aI think again today.
    But now– I don’t see any of the work I put in on this.
    What could I have done wrong.
    None of my work is there.

    The blog I need help with is


    my code is vanessacygnebleu


    Never mind. It is there.



    Did you actually ‘Publish’ any posts or pages or just ‘Save’ them? Do you have a list of posts and or pages in your dashboard, and does it say ‘Published’ or does it say ‘Draft’?


    Thank you. I found out what I was doing wrong. They were there. but because I had them on private, they don’t show on the home/blog page.. I thought everything was gone. Duh! lol I’ll get this yet. :-)


    Hello. I have a question… My blog thejackofdiamonds started to lose comments, and i don’t know how, because i’m sure that i did’t delete anything! And today my blog is completly gone! No posts, no pages, no coments, no nothing…. This is weird because i’m sure that nobody knows my password…. what am i supose to do to recover my work?

    Thank you.


    one more thing…i started this wordpress account in november 2007… but know is gone, and I really don’t know what to do to recover it…


    OMG! It’s empty! ^^


    Have you contacted support? I’m not sure if they’re on vacation yet though.


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    Yes, they are not available:

    I’d still send in a ticket—someone might be checking now and then.

    Or try search engines to find cached versions of your site. (I found only one page on Google, though, but didn’t look through very many pages. Also I’m not a search maven so I don’t know many tricks…)


    Oh yeah, cache. Start saving what’s on your sidebar in case if that gets lost. You’ll probably get the entire blog back like all your posts. But be on the safe side with your side bar and save them.


    I put 2 posts on my blog and it told me it published them then they disappeared. The funny thing I reposted one of them it said again it is published and it added 2 at the end of the link meaning it knows it is another same post but they are not appearing. My blog came back to the form when I opened it today and it is not allowing me to delete spam, I delete them but they come back up!

    My other blogs work fine.


    Uff I freaked out too early, the posts showed up just a minute ago and the spam got deleted. Well, either way I hope the support team looks over the system to see if there is a problem. Thanks.



    @thejackofdiamonds: It appears that those items were cleared by your username. Please reply to the ticket I’ve sent from support with details about this incident and we’ll help you out!


    thejackofdiamonds here, I replied.

    @pornstarbabylon, @1tess, thanks. I see what I can do…

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