All writing changed to italics!

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    All the print, bar my latest post has changed BY ITSELF, to italics. That’s all the posts plus everything in the side bar. I never made any changes it just happened.
    Please can someone help?

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m not the best at finding these things, but if you go into the html editor and look in your most current post, at the end of the sentence that says “Any suggestions please how I can utilize these in other recipes?”, you’ll see that there’s an <em> tag (for italics) that I can’t find closed anywhere.

    That might be your problem. Unclosed tags have done that to me a time or two.



    My current post is the onnly one not in italics, though. I can’t see an :(

    the italics carry right the way through on my sidebar as well. This is why it’s so strange. One day it was fine the next day everything Italics!



    First, this is because you copy/pasted bad code, either from Word or from elsewhere on the web OR because you edited some HTML and you forgot the closing tag, as you just did here at that last post. Don’t do that.

    To prevent harm from coming to your blog in future, go to Settings->General and select “wordpress should correct invalidly nested XHTML” and then to fix what’s going on now, go to your most recent post and edit it somehow, any way. That will cause the correcting to kick in. Update the post. See if that solves the problem. If not, go to the previous post and edit that one, and so on till suddenly the problem is solved.



    @piglet: shoreacres is right, you’ve got an opening em tag at the very end of your latest post. Edit the post, switch to HTML, delete it, click Update.

    An opening tag says mark the content from this point on. If the corresponding closing tag is missing, then the whole content from that point on is affected if on the same page. Click on any other post title and you’ll see that there’s nothing wrong with the rest of the posts or the sidebar.


    Hi folks THANK you so much :) My brain cell is functioning properly this morning and I can see exactly what you mean. I thought all posts were independent of each other – I live and learn. Hugs from afar your’ve made my day.

    …and thanks for your patience

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