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  1. Hi,

    When you finally and permanently delete your WP blog, the spanish dashboard system version gives you this farewell speech:

    "[...]Que tu camino sea feliz hasta que nos volvamos a encontrar"

    Which is something like:

    "Hope your road is happy until each other met again".

    It's not only wierd, but funny. It doesn't makes sense! Hahaha!

    I think it would be a good idea to change that. But anyway thanks for the laugh! ;)


  2. Best bet would be to submit an email to support at this domain to make them aware of the situation. Staff had a community translations project going on. It's come up before that there are misstakes in there.


  3. drmike,

    Ok, thanks. I'm gonna do that right away!


  4. drkime,

    Contact support is 404 :(


  5. Try this one:

    Please point out that the url you gave doesn't work.


  6. Read here on how you can help correct translation issues.

    I fixed the contact-support link on the translate site.

  7. ryan,

    I read there, thank you. But...

    still 404.

    Just added:

    Mmmmm...Nevermind just I realized that you linked to standard WordPress Contact Support page.


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