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  1. just wanted to say,lots of people dont get publicity for their blog so i just wanted to create this for anyone who wants to post a link to their own blog.
    this is my blog
    thanks ^.^

  2. hmm post a link you say? sure!

    La Plume Noire

  3. Journey Of The Cursed

    For all your fictional drama reading needs.


    If you want to get dropkicked in the funny bone.

  5. Morbid Mind
    Come to the darkside.....

  6. The Surprising Life

    A selection of music, pictures and internet links (mainly infography) ;)

  7. i'm a new blogger!
    check out my blog :)

    i could use some comments and suggestions. thanks! :)

  8. Get Embarrassed
    The Embarrassment

  9. I'm confused, these aren't
    all my
    blogs. If you want to see my blog, you'll have to go here.

  10. Hmm, I tried to enter italics but did something bad instead.

  11. The epicest of epic fails.

  12. blackfrangipani

    This is a good idea. Check out my blog, I design and create

    My latest post is about Stepping back in time in beautiful Gion, Kyoto.

  13. This page is messed up :)

  14. Fixed the page.

  15. If you like jokes more than you like sad things, you should come to me.
    Jason's Chuckle Castle

  16. thewanderingmoon

    Check out my travel blog!


  17. houseislikelava

    Check out my fashion blog, with the slogan;

    Fashion makes you go forward.

  18. Preserving the legend and promoting the philanthropic legacy of Amy Jade Winehouse.



    PS: Writers who would like their pro-Amy blogs/articles promoted on facebook, Twitter, GOOG+, and other blogs simply need to ask and it shall be done.

  19. anneclendening

    What the hell, here's one of my favorites: Summon Up The Blood at

  20. Hey, why not.

    Now I'm going to read through all of these and attempt to make meaningful contributions in your respective comment sections.

    Commence ..

  21. I'm not about to miss an opportunity to plug my site. Romance, politics, immigration, children, drama............

  22. My Life in Color

    Check out my site. There is something for everyone. You will laugh, you will cry. You

    you will wrestle with reason and wonder why. I'll make you think, or drink or both.

  23. My Life in Color

    ....also check out the way I handle technology. Laugh while I figure out how to write a

    link....I hope this works...

  24. smallestofthings

  25. nullDJ's excellent adventure in darts and life

    Self explanatory.

    The parody in the Zoosk commercial was funny. :-D But this site is about the real thing.


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