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  1. Wow, that didn't work very well. An interface error betweek the seat and the keyboard. I guess that I should have just posted the link.

  2. So... Umm... My blog is about my life, my photography, and random subjects... Please check it out.

    Teen Quirkiness

  3. Oops.. that one didn't work... Here's the link... agian.



    Laughing at the malfunction of the universe is better than crying about it.

  5. Mee tooo! Meee tooo!

  6. I am a new blogger and my blog is about my life and random subjects.. i really need help and could use some suggestions..thanks guys : )

  7. I share information for students how to get hired.
    Full-guide is still in development, but Resume page is up there.
    Accounting Enthusiast


  8. What is your zodiac sign?

    Come subscribe to me and I will do the same =)

  9. SmudgeLove

    Randomness about... well anything really.
    I do tend to moan a lot though... But it's all relevant so I can justify it =D


    Beauty product reviews :) Follow me if you like them, I post a new review everyday

  11. More of my photography, less on words.

    Wordless Photography

  12. I am very new at this. I am writing about my loathing of housework and my love of rambling as well as trying to promote my novel which is not yet published. Looking at some of the other blogs I am doing something wrong not sure what yet but thanks for all the links. Some of those are really pretty.

  13. Just Another Teen Blogger

    This is my new [ish] blog about anything and everything that interests me :] At the moment I'm doing a 40 day challenge if anyone wants to check it out and do it for themselves, it's really fun :]

    The rules to the challenge are here : The Magnificent 40 Day Challenge

    And my first post for the challenge is here : Day One: I Love ♥

    I rarely post any links so hopefully that worked and check out my blog if you're interested! :]

  14. My blog is about to turn 1!! What a year it's been. Check out all that you've missed...I think you'll enjoy it! Humor, stories of family, kids, me being's all here!

  15. everydayjordan

    This is my blog focused mostly on Sex/relationships. I write on real problems men and women face when dating. It can be mildly entertaining and you'll definitely relate


    My blog is focused on sustainability - economically, politically and environmentally.

    I use it to critique fallacies of logic and cultural assumptions implicit in politics and media, as well as advocate for unconventional progressive reforms in the US.

  17. Mostly a food blog, with some photography,

    Thanks for stopping by!

  18. I am new too =)

    its all about art specifically digital drawings/graphics/traditional drawings ...and random stuffs in my life and a couple of reviews on gadgets =)

  19. blackfrangipani

    Check out my blog where I share my passion for designing fashion pieces, travel and drawings.

    Thanks for stopping by.


    I am also new and started my first travel blog. Of course, big trips happen only so often so most of the travel is close to home! Thank you!

  21. Im sure you will dig my travel blog!

  22. Today on the blog: I catch readers up on the happenings in the area after a short break from publishing posts. That's at

  23. sundaywebsurfer

    Prairieland Food
    is a non-profit organization offering deep discounts on food packages for people who are volunteers in their community, church, school or even individually. Services Kansas, Nebraska and Oklahoma residents.

    Whew! That was a mouthful. ALSO, looking for recipe blogs to follow, YOU follow mine and I'll follow yours!


  24. The Brainchildren

    It's a general purpose blog, though most of the content is my pixel dolls. For those of you preparing for NaNoWriMo, you might find my name lists to be helpful.

  25. I am a new, and hopefully budding, photographer. My blog is mostly pictures because i am not so good with words. This is my blog, leave comments if you wish:
    A Boy with Shoes.

  26. theinsanityaquarium

    The Insanity Aquarium.

    Fun, frolics and smelly goats.

  27. Well I am not too new here anymore. I started in march this year (that makes my blog about ... 8 months old, yay!). But I do like opportunities to post links to my blogs.

    My first blog is about my long distance relationship with a guy who doesn't have arms and that I love to pieces.

    The second one is generally about various other things I am passionate about. Currently: NaNoWriMo (and probably rats soon)

    Have fun reading! And if you find spelling and/or grammar errors, I'm sorry but I'm german ;).

  28. Hi! I haven't been around the message boards in a while due to school and kiddo. :(

    Healing Mutti

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