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  1. this is my educational blog.

  2. new blogger here everyone :3
    Just Another Pop Blog!

  3. Discombobulation

    A teen blog sharing thoughts on life - check it out :)

  4. The One with the Audience
    - a comedy blog, or a blog about comedy. Take your pick.

  5. theembellishednest

    Here is my blog, would love for you to visit!

    I share lots of crafts, design, and more!

  6. New blogger, trying to write though the pain of a recently lost relationship. I'd really love some interaction and thoughts, thank you.

    Yes Is Messy

  7. signaturealamode

  8. theinsanityaquarium

    I've been away for a few days because my laptop's been broken and as such I welcome you all with open arms to have a browse around my blog and have a bit of a click around. I've missed you hopefully as much as you've missed me! :D Squeeee.

    The Insanity Aquarium

  9. Here is mine

    all about arts and random stuffs

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