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Allow embedding Maps Engine maps on

  1. Since Google Maps Engine makes it easier for users to create and publish structured maps and geographical content, it would be very nice to be able to embed that content within WordPress posts.

  2. theinsanityaquarium

    I haven't actually seen that before, but it's quite a nice idea!

  3. Indeed.

  4. I truly like to see this too.

  5. Yes please add since google my maps has been discontinued. Thanks

  6. I hope this change can be made soon! I use maps frequently with my students, but I haven't been able to embed them in our WordPress installation. Since they have assignments to add pins to our map, it's too bad we can only link to the map rather than embed it in our site.

  7. maritimeoutofdoors

    Agreed this would be fantastic.

  8. I need it too

  9. would greatly appreciate this functionality!

  10. Any news yet?

  11. There is no news. Don't hold your breath.

  12. Yes, please fix this!

  13. Please fix this as soon as possible!

  14. Yes please!!! I really need it for!

  15. yes, please fix and allow easy way to show them at wordpress.


  16. i would need it too!!! plz push

  17. lethbridgedragonfest

    Me too plz.

  18. I vote for that as well

  19. Would be really helpful!

  20. With mapsengine, the posts can be taken to the next level... Please Fix this!!!

  21. That would be awesome!! Since I use the free version of wordpress (not it is not allowed the use of neither <iframe> nor plugins. But I'm still trying to find the way of embedding a Google Engine Map in my free blog (without using neither of the solutions listed above).

  22. Certainly would help me.

  23. I wonder if there's an underlying problem: the Maps Engine maps use JavaScript, which isn't allowed here on -- But I'm not sure.

  24. +1

  25. Disappointed this is not available to us.

  26. the people have spoken.

  27. awaywiththespoons

    embedding google-maps-engine would be very useful to me to...please could you make this possible?

  28. Damn! I thought it was possible until I saw my embed code vanished! Please fix this!!!

    (and if you could do it too for embedment as would be great!)

  29. Would it be possible to roll out this functionality in multiple phases. One very neat future of Google Fusion Tables is to allow to retrieve the nearest objects. The code (javascript) is extremely forward, please find following snippet below (retrieving the 8 nearest objects):

    select: "'Location'",
    			              from: myGoogleFusionTable
    			              orderBy: 'ST_DISTANCE(Location, LATLNG(51.219987, 4.396237))',
    			              limit: 8

    Other possibilities could be to enable traffic layers or heatmaps. Please find another snippet of code below:

    var fusionTablesLayer1 = new google.maps.FusionTablesLayer({
    			         query: {
    			              select: "'stop_name'",
    			              from: '1R5UpEtx8WMjgL2U1EOyzQxA9cMm5CeI0f6TY2l4'
    			         heatmap: {
    			             enabled: true
    			         map: myMap

    var trafficLayer = new google.maps.TrafficLayer();

    I would be willing / able to contribute on this roll out. Solid knowledge of JavaScript, Google Maps API and Google Fusion, less knowledgeable on WordPress (internals) but used to learn new technology and to work remotely.


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