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Allow embedding Maps Engine maps on

  1. sluggerssoftball

    Looks like I'm not the only one looking for a cure to this.

  2. Sigh...pretty please, allow it!

  3. let's make this happen please.
    folks have been posting about this for 6 months.

  4. come on wordpress, at least comment on this post! give us some kind of idea of what is going on.

  5. I need this to happen really really soon…COME ON WORDPRESS

  6. WordPress; give us any news please; we are all impatiently expecting your replies about this topic

  7. + 1 big huge encouragement

  8. I would also love to have this, as I have been working on a map for my blog, and now I can't use it! :(

  9. C'mon WordPress, I wanna embed the sweet Google Map I just made.

  10. How's about this...

    If this is solved in the next week I will run around London butt-naked shouting "Wordpress are fricking awesome" at the top of my voice.

  11. By London, I mean central London, England.

  12. veganomicseditor

    I'll come and cheer you on!

  13. +1 Please allow embedding Google Maps Engine!!

  14. a lot of time asking for it!! please, anybody nows if it will be possible!.. Lot of people are waiting! :(

  15. Goodbye WordPress. Hello Blogger.

  16. Please add this functionality. It'd be great to be able t use this.


  17. Please make this work :)

  18. Please make this happen!

  19. +1

  20. I spent my morning building an awesome visitor's guide map to Berlin for my upcoming wedding, only to discover that I cannot use it on my wedding website (hosted on major bummer.

  21. Sigh. Count me among the many who want to embed a Google Map built with the new Map Engine.

    Please, please, please,! Do it!

  22. Yes please, a maps plugin is an essential part of any travel blog...

  23. Until this is fixed, does anybody have any workaround suggestions?

  24. robsheppardwpedit

    I took a screen shot of my map and put it on my page as a link to the map...

  25. +1 for Google Map Engine support.

  26. Please help us WordPress!

  27. adding my vote to the discussion. Now moving to my own host for my next three sites... Shame!

  28. Another vote for that

  29. Another vote, would be good to at least get some feedback from arround this topic either to embed Google map engine, Bing Maps or Here Maps.

  30. Please create this functionality,!

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