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Allow Facebook, Google, etc. (OpenID) login to my blog

  1. Hello,

    Is it possible, if using a hosted blog, to allow users to login via Facebook, Google, Yahoo, or other OpenID providers?

    We have a private blog, and we prefer that users not have to signup for yet-another account at, and instead could simply login using an account they already have. Between Facebook, Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft, I think that nearly all of our readers would already have an account.

    I see that there are a number of plugins that offer this functionality if you're self-hosting WordPress... but what if you're hosting at



    The blog I need help with is

  2. No, it is not possible. Because of the privacy setting, needs to verify that those people are who they say they are, and they can only really do that if they have a account.

  3. Also, OpenID hates HATES it. Ask anyone who's tried to use it to comment on blogs.

  4. @raincoaster, are you saying that this wouldn't work even if I was self-hosting WordPress and using one of the various OpenID login plugins?

    Also, in case this was unclear: I am not talking about (or interested in) using my credentials to login, via OpenID, on other sites. I'm interested in letting my readers login to (specifically, my blog at to authenticate themselves, instead of requiring them to signup for an additional account that's specific to

  5. I know what you're interested in. It's not possible here. It's possible on a install. For security reasons, doesn't outsource its account verification to sites like Facebook, Google, etc. It keeps that in-house. For a private blog, they will have to have a account.

  6. I tried this on a self hosted WordPress installation, and the combination of plugins I used didn't work... Here's as far as I got:

  7. We do not provide assistance for questions here. They have, as you've discovered, their own support forums, and there are tens of thousands of consultants.

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