Allow Google Adsence in WordPress

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    There are two threads going on this. Cross-reference to



    Adsence and wordpress together will be great



    If your dreams of riches extend to the pence column, that is.



    This is what I feel about this topic!
    Not meant to hurt the sentiments of the folks at Google!
    I love Google!


    In this day and age, where absolutely everything is covered in advertising/sponsorship/corporate influence, it’s nice to have something that’s refreshingly ad-free. Some of us actually blog because we want to, as a hobby, not to make money. So please, WordPress, keep it as is.



    onewayphotoblog, is not ad free. Adsense ads are placed to an extent (something I really don’t have a problem with, by the way), just not by users. See the following link for more details.

    Nice blog, by the way. Beautiful pictures.



    This is relevant also:

    In addition, the last paragraph of the features page says this:

    To support the service we may occasionally show Google text ads on your blog, however we do this very rarely. In the future you’ll be able to purchase an upgrade to either turn the ads off or show your own ads and make money from your blog.


    Thanks for your comment re. my blog, pipsqueak4.

    I guess I don’t have a problem with occasional ads; I just wouldn’t liek to see the whole thing become over-commercialised.




    These are snapshots of ads that appeared on one post of mine (all I did was clear my browser of cookies and then searched for my blog)

    Would you not call this over-commercialization?



    @ Matt


    Won’t you call the Adsense in my blog (check the screen shots) a bug too then?


    I agree that no ads is one of the nicest things about WP. Long may it stay that way.



    Just to tell you, adsense will increase your troubles against spam and DoS attackers. (e.g. Google Ads isnt what it’s supposed to be.)

    Besides, I dont want porn flooding my blog when my family is viewing it, do you? =P



    I agree that no ads is one of the nicest things about WP. Long may it stay that way.

    are you kidding?



    I agree bro they should allow us to use adsense it makes no sense to blog on this if we cant have ADS!!!



    @ang93: I can assure you we will have a harder time to blog if it’s cluttered with them. Perhaps WP can make adsense optional? Like a widget or something? And let the rest of the private bloggers keep their blogs clean.



    I love the fact that WP doesn’t have ads. If you want ads, go to blogger or livejournal, but leave WP alone.



    You need to go here and take a look: . puts their own Google ads on the blogs here, supposedly seldom, but as I understand it if someone comes to your blog from a Google search, there is a high likelihood your visitor (if not signed in or a member of wordpress) will see ads.

    If you are signed in, you will never see them though.



    So , Is there anyway to monetize the wordpress blog?





    Another vote for some means of monetizing WP blogs, please.

    I know that Adsense is a prime money making scheme to scraper sites and other sites which make the Internet less valuable than it should be. But, I put a lot of effort into my blog. It would be nice to at least have some options as to how to go about creating a revenue stream, since I feel I am adding a lot of value to the WP community. and to those interested in my subject matter and my work.

    I am not married to the idea of Adsense, but what about an affiliate program controlled by WordPress, maybe with Barnes & Noble or Amazon, or other ecommerce sites which are centered around subjects that people are blogging about? There’s an enormous potential for sites like these to formally take advantage of the traffic that literally millions of music and pop culture bloggers would send them. Why not reward the blogger and their visitors, while adding a dimension to WP, and giving ecommerce sites a traffic and sales boost at the same time? If I’m blogging about a certain record and someone clicks on the link that leads to Amazon, that’s a pretty strong possibility for a conversion. It makes sense to do, and to control the program that allows it. This would be a way to control low-quality scraper sites too, as they would have to qualify for membership to a program like this as controlled and maintained by WordPress and its volunteers.

    This is just an idea, without much background in what it means to administer blogs on a large scale. But, I thought I’d put it out there. It just bugs me that the reason I can’t have a revenue stream is because some spammer has lowered the bar for everyone. There has to be a way around it.

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