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Allow Google Adsence in WordPress

  1. i'd like to try one or two small widget size ads. if my blog ever got to a point where it paid for itself then i'd be happy to upgrade.

  2. well, the sole purpose of this wordpress blogging, i guess, is for self-expression and to inform. if you want to earn money from it you have to pay somewhere too... you to give input to have output right?

  3. hello frnds..
    plz tell me how to add google ads in mine wordpress blog...

  4. I am new to WordPress, love it. I am not new to Adsense. I find that those who would use it at every opportunity are trying to make a buck off the Internet using the backs of freely provided services. Isn't there enough commercialism of the world wide web. Do we really need every page, site, server cram full of Adsense nonsense so Google can increase their ability to put another billion on the bottom line. I say a big no to Google period (the new replacement for the Microsoft empire). The clutter provided by Adsense to a site turns me off. I had an online business that started paying Adsense more for the hits than the orders I was receiving. Be real careful what you wish for, you might have to live with the 500 pound gorilla.

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