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    newbie here so please bear with me if I’m missing something obvious…
    Is it possible to allow (selected/invited) guest authors writing articles in one of my blogs if they’re not registered WordPress users?
    I’m asking because I’d like to use wordpress for a school project with 3/4 of my students (they are supposed to work at home too) but I’d prefer not to ask them to register (I don’t even know if they could do this, being 13 to 14 years old)

    thank you in advance,

    The blog I need help with is


    Users who can post (contributors or authors) have to have a wordpress.COM account and you have enter them at users > users in your dashboard. They then log into their account and can access the dashboard of your site. In some cases after being added, they might have to clear their browser cache and cookies and restart their browsers in order to see your blog listed under their “my blogs” section in the top admin bar.




    I did see one teacher that set a computer up in the classroom and had their students register in class – sort of an assembly line thing.



    I’ve also seen someone put a username and password in the sidebar. Chaos ensued.

    If they’re only doing one post, I recommend you do what TT does, which is have them email you the post. They can’t handle formatting that way, but usually you’re not hiring designers, you’re just getting some text for your blog.


    Thank you everybody for the quick and useful answers!
    This is an awesome forum indeed…

    (I will probably ask my students to sign up – with permission from their parents – since I need them to be “authors”, BTW)



    You are welcome.

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