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Allow URL changing?

  1. bandstalkingaboutbands

    Hi, WordPress is not letting me change my URL. It says the feature's been 'disabled.'
    Blog url:

  2. We cannot change permalink structure on any free hosted blogs.
    The post/page slug is the part of the URL between the last two forward slashes. You can modify the post/page slug by clicking the Edit button next to it and shortening it.

    If the inability to change permalink structure on free hosted blogs is a deal breaker for you then you can hire a web host and set up a install.
    For more on the differences:

  3. bandstalkingaboutbands

    We used to be able to. Is WordPress just becoming more restrictive. There's even a tutorial how to on the site:

  4. That changing a blog address feature is deactivated while Staff work on it. If you have posted the error message you received above then I would not have replied as I did. The notices tells you to try agin in a few days and that's what you must do.

  5. bandstalkingaboutbands

    Okay thnks. Will do. Just glad I can still do it.

  6. You're welcome.

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