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  1. I would like to see offer billing features that would allow us to sell content and maybe even products over their service. I believe this is the way forward for automatic to start making some real money from this wonderful free service you have so far. for example if i want to sell specialized video or audio I'd like to be able to offer it on my existing blog and have users pay for downloads. Get the idea? Thanks for a great service.. Please get back to me with your feedback on this.. thanks..

  2. There are ways to do just that; this is what exists for. It's appropriate for a for-profit blog to pay for hosting. This service at exists for quite different reasons. Or, if you qualify, you can join the VIP blogging program here at

  3. Heck, grab yourself a copy of WPMu and set up your very own website and do this. :)

  4. Thanks for the answers.. what is the VIP blogging level all about.

    I thought that could really start to make some money themselves by making it that much easier for users like me to create monetized content. The more I can get away from administration and creation and the more I can focus on content and making a living off of it the better. I believe this is a good thing all around because it only helps bloggers like me to take the reach the next level and makes the ecosystem that much more powerful.

    I still think it's a great idea that needs to be obviously talked about at the top levels within Automatic. Let me know what you think.. thanks again..

  5. Heck, grab yourself a copy of WPMu and set up your very own website and do this. :)

    Who, what, where, what is that?? I can host my own site but have the techies handle all the techie stuff??

  6. startlingmoniker

    I'd rather people NOT make money off their WordPress blog. It's nice to find people writing because they have something to say, rather than for a paycheck. Of course, that's ignoring all those who seem to be in it for the page views, which is a whole different sort of ridiculousness. I wish people would treat their stats as a tool to be used to help grow your readership, rather than as some sort of scoring system for a game. Unfortunately, WordPress's "hot posts" (and hell, Technorati's ranking systems) seem to only encourage this adversarial situation.

  7. @russianwoman re: VIP account qualification blogs are non-commercial free blogs. They are different from blogs and different rules apply to them. In a nutshell the answer to your question is "no" bloggers cannot advertise on their blogs at
    There is an exception but unless you intend to attempt to qualify and pay for a VIP blog hosting along with other very notable bloggers like Robert Scoble, etc. I'm afraid that is your answer.
    If you wish you can confirm this advertising restriction and the only exceptions to it by reading the FAQs blog search box response and by reading this thread from the official blog.
    However do not despair for if you wish to have a commercial blog your desire can be accommodated via There you can either download a free blog template that you self host or you can hire a web host to do this for you. There's a pink sticky post "please read me first before posting" at the head of the forum you may wish to consult as it clarifies the differences between and (Also note one can download wordpress.MU as well.)

  8. @nosy
    This site is a wordpress MU site. drmike also has his own wordpress MU site and so do other places (see below).
    The second alternative is to self host or hire a webhost and download a blog template from
    The third is for the extremely technically adept. And it is not to just self host their own blog but to download and administer a wordpress MU blogging platform. That's what drmike meant.
    Who is WordPress MU ideal for?
    * Newspapers and magazines
    * Universities, like Harvard.
    * Blog networks
    * Niche-specific blog hosts, like Edublogs

  9. WordPress MU sounds appealing but it sounds difficult to install and manage. Am I guessing this right..

  10. It's not that difficult. You'll probably want to get a techie to do the install but unless you're going to be adding all kinds of weird bells and whistles like podcasts in multiple formats, forms, custom javascript, etc, you should be able to maintain it yourself. I've had one blog here at and one at for my business for months now and it's no particular hassle, although if I want to change anything I get my techie friend to do it.

    If what you want is to commercialize the blog, it's fair to recognize that the process of blogging itself becomes commercial for that; ie you get what you pay for.

  11. I can't see why a single user would want to use MU. I can understand why edublogs, and universities would want to, but if you're a lone blogger then it's not what you need. I would (and do!) go with the standard .org download and host it.


  12. WordPress MU sounds appealing but it sounds difficult to install and manage. Am I guessing this right...

    If you are computer adept and have the skills to become a blog host yourself this may be your choice. But there's some misunderstanding going on here. Both nosy and raincoaster have responded as though wordpressMU is just a single blog template for a single blogger. Collin and I know that this isn't the case. It's a blogging platform form for multiple users.

    If you do not want to have any more than a single blog for yourself then you do not want MU. You simply want to download a blog template from

    If you want to become the administrator of a blogging community then you my want to download MU.

  13. Thanks for clarifying, TT. I didn't mean WordPressMU, just regular old

  14. @ rain - NP :)

  15. Collin, think of those who have a half dozen blogs. You only have to worry about one install instead of a half dozen. Upgrading is easier as well.

  16. Oh absolutely! I have enough trouble "playing" with my one blog to get it how I like it. I can't imagine trying to do it for 500,000 (here at wp), keeping all the themes ticking over and sorting the bugs too.

    I haven't even dared look at MU yet. I've been using wp for about 2 years now too!

  17. Good to see you back on here by the way Dr Mike, I was starting to worry. No updates on the blog and nothing on here either. eek! ;)

  18. startlingmoniker is a purist... but you see my friend, this issue makes me remember a pastor I knew whose daughter used to tell biblical jokes like:
    What was the first motorcycle hide on the Bible?
    Moses Triumphs across the desert!
    And the like - I hope I remembered it all right.
    Well, once I asked her why she insisted on it since her father did not like it at all? She told me: "I was raised reading the Bible, going to church, etc etc - How can I tell a joke about a bar or the Koran??
    Well, I think it is the same here.
    We spend so much time blogging why not earn from it?
    I mean, what can be better then get $ out of your pleasure?

  19. Oh god, not another one.

    I DO earn money from blogging, as I do from being a professional researcher, but I don't expect to get paid to read Vogue. I get paid for blogging outside, which is a noncommercial environment for which I'm very grateful. I know there are people who want to use community resources to make their own fortunes, I just don't agree with them. And as an entrepreneur, I can tell you it's unrealistic. You can waste your time begging in the forums here or you can spend ten bucks and set up a site elsewhere.

  20. thistimethisspace

    woot! well said raincoaster :)

  21. The whole thing is pretty sleazy anyway. Its like a *Borat Benefit for make sexy Russian Girls. And their mothers. And camels. Advertising is allowed not no yes? Very thankyou please to help me.*

  22. Huh, I thought we'd had that site suspended. Dunno how much business they're going to get now that the whole "kidnap the hubby when he comes to pick up the mail order bride" scam has hit the headlines.

  23. :)

  24. Tick...tick...tick...

  25. Yeah. Being kidnapped by the Russian Mafia would certainly dampen the ardor. Brings a whole new meaning to the term *pre-nup* :)

  26. *rotflol* :D

  27. o/ tt

    Actually there's an advantage, at least for me, to not having ads or sponsors. I'm not beholden to anyone, nor do I have to worry about the "ratings" so to speak. So I am free to post what I wish even when, from time to time, I know something will appeal to only a fraction of my readers (they count too!). I can follow my gut and passions and so far, knock wood, it's working.

  28. @ellella
    What an excellent point. Thanks for raising it. :)

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