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allow users Delete comments made on another blogs

  1. I still maintain that blog comments should be left alone once published. The way WP has structured comments and editing capabilities is fine the way it is. There is nothing broken.

    I know of one blogger who gets a lot of comments. Suppose a commenter goes to a particular post and deletes what he/she wrote. This blogger always responds to comments. What happens to his answer back? It hangs there and his response no longer makes sense. Who is he answering to? Also, there is a flow to his comments as the lines of communication evolve. By deleting (or editing) a comment here or there upsets that flow and balance and could alter the gist of everything stated. Should he then remove his own comments back to fill the void? Then, the commenter has control over the blogger.

    Museditions may be on to something by opening the comment section with a disclaimer "to include a warning that all comments are public, and that the owner of the blog owns the content, and has the right to edit." That would clearly spell out policy. Also, an edit comment before publication area would be appreciated by potential commenters, as medteam brought up.

  2. Goodness, this topic will not die. Thank you to Mark, for moving it to "Off-Topic" where it belongs. Thank you marinadedave for the compliment on my disclaimer suggestion. Here is the one from my "About" page, which I wrote long before any of this discussion started. It doesn't include all the elements we've talked about, but it works for me.

    "...Kindly-meant comments are welcome. I reserve the right to edit or delete them as I see fit. All posts and articles are my original work, unless credited elsewhere, and I claim ownership / copyrights to them. So please acknowledge this site if you quote from it. I’d prefer that comments would relate to specific posts, but I will include an email address..."

    As for continuance of this topic, I would encourage you all to take raincoaster's and timethief's advice and BLOG about this, or read raincoaster's post: and boles' posts: and then COMMENT on them, as I have. (You may not see my comment on boles' site though, as he requires "real" first and last names. Oddly, my parents didn't name me MusEditions). Cheers, everyone.

  3. thistimethisspace

    mark Key Master September 7th, 2007 at 3:04 pm
    Moved to OT as has been mentioned.
    Allowing comments to be edited is not planned.

    Thank you for moving this thread. More importantly, thank you for notifying us that allowing comments to be edited is not planned.

  4. but I think a human being must be granted his/her right to OWN his/her own thoughts

    Imagine you're talking to someone, then suddenly you ask him to forget whatever you've just said because you own your thoughts. Doesn't that sound ridiculous?

    The real ethical question is that of responsibility -- responsibility of the commenter.

    Also, there's a good chance that a nice train of discussion would be reduced to rumbles if people go about deleting comments in between.

    Just imagine how this thread would look like if people deleted posts randomly!

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