Allow users to download data from site.

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    Hello everyone,

    I’ve been searching for a while now and have yet to come across a satisfactory answer. I’m working on a website for the Indiana State Climate Office and need to set up something so that users accessing our site can download some of the data that we keep on a SQL server (separate from the server we use for wordpress). The website can be seen at (it will give you a safety message, that is supposedly supposed to go away when we take the website live).

    If you click the Data drop down arrow and select the Daily, Hourly, or 30min Data you’ll be redirected to the old website’s download form. Are there any plugins that can handle something like this? That is to say, are there any plugins that can connect to an external database using user specified input and get the data that matches the user defined specifications?

    The old website is at and the forms I’m interested in migrating are under Data there as well.

    Thank you for any help that you can provide!

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