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    on my site i would like to allow visitors to my site to post not just comment. is this something that is possible to do?



    Yes they will need to create a account then you need
    to add them to your blog WARNING it’s not a good idea
    to add them as admin because they will have full control over your blog
    and they can delete it and there will be nothing you can do about it let
    alone get it back…



    Thanks for the headz up!! is there like a sign up thing i can put on my page? is it a easy process that visitors to my site can do? does it even seem worth it to go this route? my site is still in the early stages but i want people to be able to post pics or video. thanx again for the help



    Nope no sign up page will achieve this because they have to sign
    with then you have to invite them through email in your
    dashboard and it’s not worth the headache…

    here is a another option you could have your readers
    leave a link to the picture or video in the comment
    field and then you could post it & give that reader
    credit for submitting it…



    Also your welcome.. :)



    Not really. You can invite SOME people to be authors, but you cannot automatically allow everyone to be. Here are the roles laid out:

    If that doesn’t do what you need, I think you want a wiki, not a blog.



    Thanx guyz this is very helpful. Teck i think im going to go with your alternative for now and see how that works out. i feel kinda over my head with this but im going to make it work. now im going to google “wiki” because i have no clue….

    thanx again!



    Your welcome! mlragsdale,

    Don’t feel bad we we’re also overwhelmed when we first
    started blogging then you become to understand the blogging
    technicality, then it be comes a breeze.. I’ve been
    blogging since Feb and I’m still learning new things
    from more experienced blogger,s

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