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    Can I upload or link to a pdf on another site, owned by me, that contains affiliate links (within the pdf).
    I suppose this second question is like the first, so I’ll ask it here too.
    Is it okay to link to my own website, or page on my website that promotes an affiliate product.
    I’m on the free wordpress account.
    I do understand that you don’t want affiliate links in the blogs, but maybe this second option is acceptable.
    I do strive to give as much useful and helpful information as possible.



    If the purpose of your blog and the use of language is aimed at making people click through, then that will break the TOS.
    Two links to the other site – regardless of what type of link – is okay. The TOS states that driving traffic is not permitted and we needed a number of links to be used as a limit – which is why the 2.

    It sounds like your blog is to promote this affiliate stuff and in that case it’s going to be hard work staying within the rules we have.



    Thanks for the response Mark
    By the way, Happy New year.
    The blog I have going is a crash course on learning to play the guitar. At no time during the course will there be any mention of an affiliate program, however, at the end I’m going to put a link. How do you suggest I do this? surely any link will drive traffic?
    My domain name is such that anybody who sees it and is interested will click through.
    If I place a link to my site on the blogs about page, can I direct people there.
    PS – I don’t believe in hard selling anything, especially not here. Personally, I hate it with a passion.
    I’d love to know your viewpoint on this. I really don’t want to upset the wrong people.



    The easiest thing to do is start the blog then send a support in and we’ll take it from there. Much easier if the actual thing can be seen.



    Cool thanks.
    Do I send a support in from here in the forum?

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