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    I want to upload files other than pictures: Python, Java source code, Abiword documents. How do I change my options to allow any file type to be uploaded? I’d rather not do funky things to get around it. I’m just trying to upload some code.



    Right now only picture uploads are allowed within a hosted blog. You may be better off with a blog hosted by a paid vendor if you need to allow downloads like you mention.

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    Is there any possibility this is going to change? It’s exactly what I need too (specifically I’d like to upload ms word files). And these files, of course, are much smaller than uploading photos…



    The trouble is that there almost certainly won’t be a wide enough demand for .doc uploads to make it worth their while to change it. You might have a marginally better chance of success if you ask for .pdf support, but even then I wouldn’t rate your chances. is perfectly adequate for people who just want to write or post the occasional photo, but it isn’t really suited to anything more specialised than that.



    We can definitely add more file upload types, especially for documents. Let us know via the feedback form.


    Hi, I hope this thread is an appropriate place to leave a comment on this topic — it would be great if KML files (to enable links to Google Earth and Maps) would be considered as a file type to allow to be uploaded. As an XML file just containing lat/long and description data, I think this would be a fairly low security risk. Thanks!



    Follow Matt’s instructions; staff prefers to get these kinds of requests via Feedback/Support tickets.


    There are also various free storage providers that you can always use and link to. You can also sign up for really cheap web hosting and link to it from there. I think this is actually the better way to go because it allows you to control the organization of the files, especially if the service you go with provides FTP access.

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