almost all of my pictures are gone??!!??!!??!!

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    Hello.. When I a scroll down on my blog, almost ALL of my pictures are gone??? There´s just a little broken icon where the picture should be.. It freaks me out that maybe all of my blogpictures are gone, it will take hours and hours to fix this if I have ti fix this myself, please tell me this is not normal ant that you can do something so that all of my pictures is back on my blog.. Ive had this blog for about 15 months now, and I ve never experienced something like this.. please answer asap!

    The blog I need help with is


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    I see pictures on your posts. On firefox.
    Can you see the pictures in your library?



    I have made 33 accounts so for, and I can’t even get a theme to even work. I’m working on my 34rth one right now. Looks like there would be something better than this old dumb old wordpress?



    I would suggest you stop wasting your time and go through and stop hijacking threads.

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