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Almost Spring 1.1 Theme not working

  1. Since we have the new widgets (thanks a lot for them!) the theme "Almost Spring 1.1" is not showing any categories anymore. Tried different themes and they show the categories, but i like that "Almost Spring"-theme very much.

  2. I'm using the same theme and it shows categories fine. I am missing the blue bar at the top, though, even when logged in.

  3. Found out what the problem is: i activated some of the sidebar-options, and if that's the case, the categories on the mainpage disappear. So i just had to uncheck these options (like "Show post counts" and "Show hierarchy") and the categories were straight back again.

  4. Well, I have post counts enabled, so it must be hierarchy that's screwing things up. Drop the admins a feedback reporting the bug; if an option breaks your cat list entirely, you shouldn't be able to select it.

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