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Alot of spam comments

  1. Hi, why am I receiving a whole bunch of spam comments on old blog posts? I have never before received it and today i have got like 30 of them. Why?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. having the same issue today at my blog. Have gotten 20+ spam comments!

  3. Hi there, Akisment, the spam protecting software we use on WordPressdotcom, is a learning machine. If these comments are appearing in your Spam folder, then Akismet is doing its job. If you find these comments in your regular comments folder, mark them as spam so that Akismet learns to recognize them.

    You have total control over what comments appear on your site. If you are not currently moderating comments, I recommend that you change your site's discussion settings. See here:

    Let us know if you need any further help with this.

  4. thanks. Already moderating comments and getting them sent to my email-- have had an influx of 20+ spam comments I'm having to send to spam folder. Why the sudden increase? I've never had any before.

  5. The same thing happened to me yesterday. A sudden spam surge for several hours. There must have been more than 100 by the time they stopped. The first time I saw it 44 comments were listed in my spam folder. Some went into the comments to be moderated list. I kept deleting, they kept coming. Normally I get between 0 to 3 spam comments a day. Only commenting to show this may be widespread.

  6. Hello again, spammers are constantly changing their tactics so this kind of activity may happen. The important thing is to Mark Spam as Spam so that Akismet learns. If you simply delete the comment, it won't learn.

    I tagged this earlier for Staff attention because there have been other reports by WordPressdotcom users of a sudden upswing of spam messages. Thanks for letting us know.

  7. Hi there,

    As @justjennifer said, spammers constantly change their methods to get around spam filters, but our spam filter can be trained to filter out the new spam as well. If any spam comments make it past Akismet, please be sure to mark them as Spam, not to delete them. That way Akismet can learn to filter the new type of messages. That is really the best way to block them.

    Spam does tend to come in waves, so I'd expect this to settle down again soon as Akismet learns to filter these comments, but if it persists please let us know.

  8. I've had over 20 spam comments today that I've needed to mark as spam to remove from comment sections of old posts and pages. It appears a lot is getting through right now. All of these spam comments have obvious typos. Since my experience is a day later than previous comments, I thought I'd mention it.

  9. Ditto with me yesterday and today. Very unusual on my site. I'll delete my separate inquiry as others have already posted.

  10. Oh yes, this could be a problem... The last days I had hundreds of spam comments in my moderation folder, too. Mainly they are coming from these Ip's:

    Hope Akismet will learn about this soon, don't want to check everyday... and when you have to scroll through 200-300 crap mails it's not that easy :-(

  11. Hi folks. Thanks for the reports.

    Can any of you confirm whether you've been marking these comments as spam via the mobile app, rather than via the browser interface/dashboard?

  12. Some of mine were Marked As Spam from the mobile app, some from the browser dashboard. Unfortunately I deleted all the spam otherwise I might have put the ip's in blacklist.

    My spam stopped yesterday. I did turn on/check "Users must be registered and logged in to comment" which may have helped. I only hope it doesn't reduce my massive readership.

  13. @fairplay740

    Thanks for that info. We had an issue where comments marked via the app did not trigger a report on our end, so Akismet took a bit longer to learn to recognise the new spam as a result. If it's stopped now that would indicate that we're starting to block these messages again.

    Temporarily changing your Who Can Comment and comment moderation settings is definitely a good idea.

    Then just a reminder again to everyone - please don't delete spam comments, but mark them as spam instead. If you delete them, our spam filter can't learn to recognise them and filter them out automatically. Thanks :)

  14. My inbox now is getting flooded with request to approve comments. :(

  15. Hi there, thanks for letting us know. Until this current wave of spam is over, you may want to turn on comment moderation (under Before a comment appears) and turn off email notifications of new comments (under E-mail me whenever) at

    Again, if these comments are in your Pending approval folder, please don't delete them but mark them as spam so that Akismet learns.

  16. Thanks! I'm also stopping e-mail notification from comments for the time being.

  17. Same. Surge of spam past few days on all of my WP blogs on old posts.

  18. @kellysalasin

    Can you give the addresses for a couple sites where this is happening? Also please see the posts above - don't delete those comments, but mark them as spam if they're in the Pending folder. If they're in the Spam folder, it means Akismet is doing its job.

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