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    I’ve checked out the forums and the support info, and followed the advice about getting de-listed from Alpha Invention’s referral service. But I’m still getting referrals! This is really frustrating.

    While I recognise that my blog is open to everyone, I want meaningful traffic, not this crap.

    I’ve emailed, I’ve used the blocking link that was provided by the creator of the service, and I still have not been taken off the list.

    What else can I do? I will move my blogs or find another way of making a public site that doesn’t get this trashy traffic.




    We can’t advise you, since we don’t know which blog you’re talking about. We ALWAYS need a link to your blog to help.



    It sounds to me you did all you could do to be removed there’s nothing as forum volunteers that we can do to help you. with this matter.

    Also Even if you move your blog or host it somewhere else your still going to be tracked by Alpha Inventions.

    I suggest contacting the staff and see if they can help you in any way.



    Here is the link their user name is attached too

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