alphainventions – scam?

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    Hello AlphaInventions guy…

    I’m just having trouble understanding how this works! I’ve had a hit on my (relatively boring) blog through your site – how does it work, how does a blog end up on your site, etc? (I’m also a teensy bit intelligent, and I’ve poked around on your blog, but I can’t figure out how it works.) Just curious.

    Happy Day – hope it’s a good one!



    (And yes, I’ve read the last many many many posts here and some of your responses. I still can’t figure what your site actually does to reference all these other bloggers?!?)


    Hello Singinal, and all.

    I apologize to you, and everyone for not providing a universal understanding of how works. I’m great at coding the site, but at the moment not so great at explaining it’s benefits and features. I tried to make it as simple as possible to understand, and I didn’t even put that many buttons, links, or fun junk on the site. but I know people have a craving for more understanding.

    I might as well make this post my about page lol :). Real laughter out loud not the text message kind.

    Here is how it works. (simple as possible I hope).. Ready?

    Let’s go…

    If you update or publish your blog at the same time my visitors is browsing blogs in my site then my visitors will get a chance to see your blog in real-time. BAM! (the entire blog is in their face instantly) It’s not even annoying to watch. Is it alpha addicts??

    I also provide a link to your blog in case they want it to open your blog in a new window, or bookmark your blog . The links provides your title, and description to help my visitors get a better understanding on what your blog is about, and get more interested. is useful for ,,, and I love it, and want to grow it like a tree. Yahh!

    To get more traffic from just keep your blog updated . It’s so simple.


    A realistic goal of mine for is to provide a way for us to see only blogs that we are interested in update in real time, because this will provide more quality, and blogger interaction.

    Interaction part is why I built the site. It’s fun to see people come to your site and find it interesting as soon as you update or publish, so I want to provide a faster ways of doing this.

    Earlier in the project I tried to make a fair, and logical way for people to submit their link every so often to get more readers for a short period of time, but so many people didn’t understand how the site worked so I guess they may have overlooked it. I’m thinking they didn’t know why they should submit their link.

    Help please…

    Everyone wants their blog to be read instantly, and I want to provide everyone with that experience.

    If anyone here can provide an example of a full explanation on how the site works in better terms it will be greatly appreciated.

    Good job to those who do understand how works. If I looked at it from outside of my webmaster box I’d probably be a little confused about what alphainventions was at first site.


    Thanks for all the wonder-full and wonderful things you are doing. As a little ole senior in the Northern part of Alberta it is a great thing to watch someone “connect the dots’.



    Mr. Alphainventions, this idea is brilliant!!@%$@^#% Do you have a blog yourself? I feel like adding you to my blogroll for such an effective contribution. Amen. Ninja vanish!


    Hey greatpoetrymhf,

    Thank you for being interested in , and it’s good to see older people interested in things of this nature. Keep it up!


    Yes I now have a blog because I was forced to get an account with to explain how my site works to you all, and it’s of coarse.

    Good job for noticing I’m trying to help instead of gain you all.


    Two Words….. VERY KEWL!!!!!



    Mr Alpha – Thank you, thank you. How can a set up my Blogger blogs on this wonderful creation?


    You’re welcome. Great question. I’ve just recently added a feature that allows you to submit your blog to get more readers in a fair, and logical way.


    Just adding to the great and fair discussion here… I was wondering if there’s a way of knowing if the stats show real readers’ activity or just the mere appearance of my blog update just because it has been caught by alphainventions.
    I don’t broadcast my blog, my friends don’t know the url, my content is read just for me (therapy?), I don’t feel I have anything interesting to share. My blog is my journal. If, by chance, anybody reads it, that’s ok, he’s welcome. Anyways, it’s kind of disturbing to have so many hits and not knowing if there are real people behind it.
    Maybe I was too confusing, I apologize. If you understood, please reply.
    Another thing, is this your real face, alphaman?



    WP staff have said that their stats do NOT count robots, they only count real views.


    Thanks for your quick reply, raincoaster. And I’m really sorry for not having read that before.



    No worries, the search doesn’t work that well in the forums and I don’t think it’s been discussed recently.



    Thanks for verifying berinjelachic’s question. That was fast.


    I did get confused a little when I read your question, and yes that’s me in the pic.


    everyone at wordpress show up through there? So what if I want my blog private? Can I stop it from popping up in alphainventions?



    OK…I get it now but I am not really thrilled about it. I know that there is nothing wrong with creating something that takes advantage of the work of others but many blogs are purpose driven and specifically “narrowcast”.

    A series of random hits from what is, essentially, a robot does nothing for the blogger except, perhaps, add a little ego stroke. I would rather know that my two blogs are being read by the people they are intended for and not just because of some random series of circumstances. A referral from alphainventions has none of the impact that a referral from, for example, Google that is based on search terms specific to the topics I am writing about. I wish there was a way to opt out.

    Just my opinion. I respect your ability but don’t really like the invention.


    Many people have thier blogs set to ping services like when thier blog has been published or updated. You would have to set your blog completley private to the world in order for it to stop it from showing up at alpha Inventions, but you can email me, and I’ll create a script to block your blog from being read if you’d like.

    If someone is on Alpha Inventions when you publish your blog to the public, it will be read by a visitor(s) of mine.

    I have no problem helping you with the situation. Contact info is available on the site.



    All of what you explained to me has been covered on the previous page on my longest post. You may have not gotten a chance to read it all, because it is pretty long.

    The entire time reading Please keep in mind that mostly bloggers, and webmasters use , and not the average googler, or reader. This should help you to see how the site is more beneficial to people like you. You are thinking in terms of SEO, and things of that nature, and Alpha Inventions is designed to be more on the Instant communication side of things, but I will make adjustments to improve targeting as mentioned in previous posts.

    I do take your feedback seriously.

    Alpha Inventions is far from a robot, because it’s controlled by the visitors, and blog publishers. If you don’t publish a blog nobody will see it. If nobody is on nobody will see the blogs you published or updated. Simple. It was coded this way to avaoid being a spam site. Once the site has grown more, I will get more into the coding part with you, so you can better understand how it works.

    It’s just not about finding something interesting to read.

    The purpose of Alpha Inventions is to connect bloggers with each other in a faster way, so there are no gaps in communication. Targeted communication will improve.

    The fact that someone knows that they can contact you, or provide feedback to you almost instantly make your blog more interesting even though they did not search for your content. , and uses a similar method.

    Again for the records the adjustment will be made in the near future to provide more targeted results.

    As the site grows I will implement a system that will show readers blogs very similar to blogs they have created themselves. This will be cool.

    If you still have your doubts I would like you to keep me informed on small things I can do to make the site better for you while still keeping everyone who benefits from it now happy.

    If I can’t help one person with a small problem, how can you help millions?

    Good job providing feedback everyone.



    Hi, Alphainventions! since you are an advanced human, how about going to my website, and see what you think. I’ll send you a free hypnosis cd of your choice for your honest opinion. thanks for you site. I appreciate the hits. kathy moore



    I some how like this alpha guy but somehow don’t. I like the idea that my blogg now is a breaking news type thing. As soon as I post it will appear on that site. I’m thinknig what I don’t like? Oh that his site posts all languages ,>>>> I only speak english.

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