alphainventions – scam?

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    I’m impressed not only with what he’s trying to do but also with his determination at returning here. I’m going to make sure my blogs are on the list.



    Wow. I’m really impressed that you’ve got back to everyone so quickly!

    I like this idea and I’ll be checking out your site a fair bit in the future.



    Grow big, alpha! We’re counting on ya!


    Anyways, this language deal would be a good thing. I write in Portuguese (Brasil). Maybe there’s a way to improve this with a filter. One could choose to see a couple of languages or only their own.


    berinjelachic & paul8bee

    I’ve recently changed the languages to English only for a few days to see if things improve for English speaking bloggers. Just a test.

    I will be working on a way for readers to toggle languages.

    Thanks for the positive, and valuable feedback everyone. Good job. Keep it up.



    interesting, now it costs in order for your blog to be seen? There’s always a catch. Everybody’s always out for the dollar!



    No it’s still 100% free to notify readers about your blog.

    You saw me in the proccess of creating a system in case my current users starts to lose readers because too many people are submitting their blogs. I get many email about how people have tripled their traffic by using

    It never hurts to have a backup plan, especially if it benefits you all.

    I suggest people get the most out of before too many people start to benefit from it. This will take about a year, so don’t panic rhinorun, and all.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.



    I wasn’t trying to be a jerk about it. I just noticed the number of hits stop completely, then came here to check it out and saw that. You gotta do what you gotta do!



    I ended up here cause I was checking on where traffic to my blog is coming from. What a novel idea you’ve come up with here. More power to you.



    I just saw someone came to my blog through here so I found this site. This is a fantastic idea! I will be sure to check you out more often!



    No harm done.

    thebovine & ashleybayles

    Thank you for your kind feedback, and I hope you continue to get more readrs to your blogs.

    More readers = More readers.



    The Twitter feed is pretty awesome, too. is all over that, I note.

    Congratulations, it’s a great job you’re doing.



    Hi Alphainventions

    I’ve been noticing your referrals and I’ve also been noticing that I’ve been getting more commenters pretty much immediately after I’ve posted something and I had’t put two and two together until I read this thread, so thank you!



    I’m like the other person who’s just kinda messing around. I like that pic. I look to much like either Forest Gump or a meth freak to put mine up there. It depends on the weather, though and how much sleep I get. I respect people trying something new and diving in. That’s what makes the machine run. Thanks for taking the time to explain it.

    I can see how some are wary, because it tends to muddy the hit counts when people are only visiting so they can advertise their blog on your blog sometimes or they aren’t serious in the content. But, since he said he’d block the blog if requested, I can’t see too much issue with it.

    Take care, alphainventions and I’ve met some good people at wordpress, glad the “scam” post got you to get an account.


    I look forward to trying new tools and ideas!



    I do NOT think I am getting real readers. I saw an incominglink from alphainventions, wasnt sure what it was. Hoped over to the site, submitted mine (after going through here) and in just some time I had like 70 hits (and they were counted). So, I again submitted my link and waited to see my blog in the cycle, it appeared and disappeared in less than 2 seconds as happened with other blogs. I think all it does it like refreshes your pages, which appear as links. I did not hop over to any site which it displayed and don’t think anyone did visit mine either. Will have to have a look at the extended statcounter stats to see the unique visitors.



    The site does not refresh the page over and over. This would be spam, and I hate spam as much as anyone else. Quality first.

    You may have had computer errors, because there is no possible way that your site appeared and disappeared in less than 2 seconds unless someone submitted a blog right after you submitted yours.


    You may have hit the “go” button too many times, or a user may have hit the “who’s on now” button too many time while you were on

    I apologize for the inconvenience, but this is not how alpha inventions works. Please continue to work with it, and let me know if you experience this again.



    Actually, I’ve had the same, the site is constantly loading another blog, most of the times it’s so fast the site doesn’t even fully load and I’m on quite fast broadband.

    All I can see the site do is load for no reason without me pressing any buttons.

    So to be honest, even after reading this thread and your answers, I do not know what your site’s trying to achieve or who it’s designed for.




    When I am on alphainventions, users are bound to press who’s on alphainventions? Aren’t they? And there are going to be loads of them, so that means effectively I will be seeing a blog for no more than a second or so. I checked, changed browsers and I still see the same thing happening as carocat also mentions, pages just keep refreshing.

    And in like an hour or so I have had a 100 visitors (I usually hit a slightly higher number in a day), so if they were real visitors, I would atleast expect that 1% would leave a comment? But none did? I have had no comments pouring in, other than the ones I usually receive. Not that receiving a comment is too perfect a way but still it should tell me whether I am receiving real visitors.

    I just had a look at my extended stats:

    I have about 100 entries from a single IP address (in US) and each visit is spaced at most at a 30 second gap.

    I request you to kindly remove my blog URL from your lists. I would not like your software to crawl my blog. Also, since when I submitted my URL it asked me to press OK twice, so I don’t know what ToS you might come up with later on and I might have agreed to something I never knew.

    PLEASE remove my blog URL from your site ASAP and I would have nothing to do with your site and wish you good luck.



    I’m sorry that the pages could not load all the way. This is no fault of mine. I also use high speed internet. You may be having personal computer problems.


    Jesus Christ help me for real (seriously) it’s Sunday. I honestly don’t think you understand how the site works whatsoever, and I’ve did all I can to explain it here.

    I will not try to embarrass you in public, but since you did not contact me in private I have to be direct.

    The fact that someone loaded, or clicked (there are links too) your page from alphainventions over 100 times is no fault of mine.

    This is the same as someone clicking your site from Google, or Yahoo 100 time. They can’t help it either. I wish I could help. Just because I’m not a popular people tend to pick on me. (a little)

    When someone submits their blog, then your blog will be removed automatically. There is no database.

    I’ve noticed that you’ve submitted your site many many times. If you don’t want your blog shown, don’t submit it to, and set your blog to private to keep it from pinging blog services, and it will never be show on alphainventions again. This has been mentioned before. Read the threads.

    There are many people who get plenty of comments to their blog from visitors, and I’m sorry nobody found your blog interesting enough to comment on it. People do have to be interested in order for you to get comments. This is no fault of mine. If you went to the store looking for beans, and a clerk tried to sell you rice, then you will reject him or her.

    I ask you all to get a better understanding on how blogs work before we get emotional. A lack of understanding can ruin things for everyone.

    I hate to seen so direct, but I guess it’s needed. If anyone else has statcounter, or analytics please verify that the readers are real readers located from different IP address and different places around the world.

    The site is designed to help, and not hurt. If you have any ideas to improve it let me know. Great job providing me with your feedback.

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