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alphainventions - scam?

  1. just got my first two hits within seconds of posting. i've got to explore this more

  2. alphainventions

    yeah right!

  3. This thread seems to have gone on for a while and looks like it is turning into addressing possible Support issues too.

    I suggest that there is a forum created over at alphainventions where this and any other issues can be discussed.

  4. alphainventions

    Mark I was thinking the same thing, and wondering how big this thread was going to get.

    Thanks for drawing the line, and stop over at the new forum sometimes.

  5. I was just wondering what was going on with your site. I keep putting myself on there and getting lots of hits and comments from it. I love that part. But this morning I tried to get into the rotation and now it says I have to wait for the value to hit 10. What is that about?????

  6. This is really really cool! Thanks!!!!

  7. I don't understand who thought of this thing; or who thought of the name.
    I understand the concept though. I don't get how my blog got on here in the first place though.

  8. @sunnymom

    I had the same problem. I really think that the value aspect of is going to turn
    bloggers away because I seen sites on there that shouldn't have that high of a value
    there content didn't match the rating. (IMO) This value aspect is going to block a allot
    great blogs.

  9. As I suggested and alphainventions has agreed this conversation is probably better at his site - this will mean people across platforms and sites can discuss issues there.

    If you want to discuss it here then maybe a thread in OT?

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