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    hi, sorry my question may sound odd so i will explain the story. i currently have a website that i created on my mac that is hosted by another company. i already pay this other company for my domain name and hosting. lately i have grown tired of my website design and am getting frustrated with the limited options i have with it. then i found wordpress and it has all those extra features i need. so behind the scenes i started messing round designing a whole new site on….

    now for the bit where i get totally lost. at some stage when my new site has some stuff on it and is ready go how do i go about ditching my “old website” and then switching my domain name and hosting from the “old website” to my new and improved wordpress site? i have read the support pages on mapping and i get totally lost. Is it something really simple or is it something i need to contact my domain host about?

    i hope this makes sense. im not sure what i will need to do so any advice would be appreciated. :)

    The blog I need help with is



    I don’t recommend typing in all capital letters as it’s very poor netiquette. In cyberspace that called SHOUTING and it’s equivalent to screaming into another person’s face. Some poeple belive doing this will being them attention more quickly — it’s my experience that the kind of attention SHOUTING leads to is the opposite of what’s expected by the screamer.



    A good place to start reading is here vs The Differences

    If you are looking for the documentation pertaining to importing your content into a free hosted blog please see here >

    For information pertaining to domain mapping please see here
    Take particular note of this please

    The instructions for to map an existing domain (one you already own) to a blog are here >


    Thanks for the links. I will have a read and hopefully get a better understanding. Sorry i was not aware of “shouting” but thanks for pointing it out :)



    You’re welcome.

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