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    I’d like to use the domain “” for my new blog.
    Unfortunately, this domain is already used, even if that blog is not active. There are no posts on it since its creation in 2006.
    So I’m wondering if ther’s any possibility to get that domain, if the owner has no plans to use it again.
    I would also pay a small fee if required.
    Thanks in advance for your support.

    The blog I need help with is



    Unless you can contact, and work out a deal with, the blog owner, there is no option to use that URL.


    Thanks for your reply! Ok I’ll try to contact him. Anyway, if I don’t go wrong deleting a blog isnot enough tofree up the related domain, right? What should he do then to really make the domain avaible again?


    Found the answe here:

    Sorry for havn’t found it before.
    Thanks again for the support.

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