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    When I post an image to my blog, I don’t use thumbnails very often because they are too small and just post the original sized pic. However, when I enter the description (which is correctly generated by WP within the ‘alt’ tag) it doesn’t show when you mouse-over the image. It only seems to work if you use the thumbnailed version.

    I stress that this is only within Firefox as IE7 shows the descriptions all the time as it should.

    Does anyone have any idea why this is?



    Is the alt tag being generated for both the thumbnail and the original size image when you post them into a Post?

    Got a sample so maybe we can see this occuring?

    edit: I know that Firefox uses the ‘title’ tag to generate a tooltip while IE uses the ‘alt’ tag. At least that’s what a quick google search tells me.



    Thanks for the fast reply drmike. Yes, the alt tag is being generated correctly whether for thumnailed or original sized images.

    This one shows thumbs – http://goonernews.wordpress.com/2006/07/18/my-new-arsenal-shirt-has-arrived/

    This one shows originals – http://goonernews.wordpress.com/2006/08/02/arsenal-ladies-win-community-shield/

    I tried the ‘title’ tag in another post, but that didn’t work, then when I re-edited it, I found the ‘title’ tag was rejected by WP.



    Ok, after a bit of googling, the ‘alt’ attribute is supposed to used with ‘a href’ link tags. The ‘title’ attribute is the one supposed to be used within the ‘img src’ tag. However, the ‘title’ attribute gets stripped out by WP for some reason.

    There is an extension for Firefox that lets you see ‘alt’ attributes within the img tag (like IE7), but I don’t think I’ll worry too much about it.

    Seems I’ve spent too much time writing web pages in Frontpage!!!



    Yeah, I would like text to appear on mouseover, so I used the alt attribute for IE and the title attribute for Firefox, but WordPress strips out this attribute. Why? What’s wrong with the title attribute??

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