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alt text not displaying and editing images causes text centring

  1. I have two problems, but since one causes the other I am including them both together. They occur when adding images in a new post.

    Problem 1 - When I upload the image I enter the title and the alt text but the alt text does not display. To fix it I have to go back into the image via the edit function. There the alt text is shown but the title line is blank. When I add the title in again the alt text displays.

    Problem 2 - after I come out of editing the image, the image and the paragraph of text under it has been centred. I have to go through and uncentre it again - as I use a lot of images this is pretty time-consuming.

    The blog I need help with is

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The reason for the second one is that 'centre' is the default on the image editor, so you have to remember to set it to something else, first. Also if the text is too close to the image, it will set to centre. Hit your return key on any text that you want beneath the image, first. That should sort it.

    As for the first, I get that too - I just ignore it. Maybe I shouldn't have!

  3. Thanks for your reply - I can't just ignore my first problem because that would leave me with no alt text on my images - not very accessible!

    On the second problem, it's not a matter of the text being too close. Opening up a space by hitting return doesn't help. For some reason editing the image inserts a <p style="text-align: center;"> tag, starting before the image and closing after the first text paragraph, which I have to delete again.

    I should have mentioned that this is a recent problem - I didn't have this happening before the new image upload screen was introduced.

  4. re: ALT text display and no title display
    That's deliberate change that has been made for SEO purposes.

  5. Thank you, I've read the link, but that's not my problem. My problem is that I enter alt text but it doesn't show up on the image. I don't care about no title display - I just want my alt text to display and for some reason editing the image and putting the alt text in the title box as well as in the alt text box makes the alt text show up.

  6. Aha! Thanks for the clarity. This sounds like a bug to me. I tagged this thread for Staff to look into this ALT text non-appearance issue. Please subscribe to it so you are notified when they respond.

  7. Hi sequins,

    My problem is that I enter alt text but it doesn't show up on the image.

    That's expected behaviour, browsers are not supposed to show the alt text in a "tooltip" (although I agree that they did in the past; most have changed their ways now). The alt text is normally read out by screenreaders and other adaptive technologies.

    The title text is the one that is supposed to show in tooltips. With the most recent update to WordPress it was decided to remove the title attribute from uploaded images; see here for background:

    You can always go back and edit the title text for your images if you'd like, but as mentioned in that link, adding titles to images while at the same time having an alt text is actually a problem for accessibility, it doesn't help it.

    after I come out of editing the image, the image and the paragraph of text under it has been centred. I have to go through and uncentre it again

    In fact, the default is for alignment to be set to "none", not center. Can you maybe create a new blog post to reproduce this, but don't fix the images after? I'd like to have a look. Thanks!

  8. Thank you. I was worried about the alt text not showing for accessibility reasons; now you've explained why I don't need it I'm happy to do without.

    I set my images to centre in the upload screen and they centre okay with no problem about the text. But if I edit the images (without touching the centre setting) then it centres the text.

    I plan to post to the blog tomorrow. I don't want to leave all my text centred but I could just leave the last photo in the post with centred text until you've had a chance to take a look. I'll let you know when the post goes up.

  9. Hi! Did you create your post yet? I'm eager to have a look. :) Thanks!

  10. Sorry, I posted but didn't feel comfortable putting up a post that looked wrong so I didn't do what you asked. Now I know I don't have to edit my images to add back the alt text, the text centring is less of a problem so I think I might just live with it. Thanks for your help.

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