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    Is it possible to alter text inserted into the header of the theme, Ocean mist

    The blog I need help with is



    The only text that can be entered here > Settings > General
    Blog Title
    Ocean Mist theme description
    Ocean Mist live demo site

    If that’s not what you mean then please be more specific.


    I’m trying to help a lady TITI, in your second link, just above where the pages are, someone has inserted text in two lines, she wants it altered to make it one line.



    Do you have a test blog set up with the Ocean Mist theme on it? I suggest that you do that. No the blogger does not determine how many lines of text appear there – that’s what theme designer did when he created the theme. Try it in your test blog and you will have the answer.

    Also note this please. These days I see bloggers creating lenghty taglines and that’s the wrong way to go. The combined number of characters and spaces in effective Blog Titles and taglines from an SEP perspective are very few. The focus is on keywords. If the tagline ts lengthy it don’t displayed in the SERPs.

    Cut and dried advice. Find a character counter that also counts spaces online and note that my experiments demonstrate if the number characters including spaces in the blog title and tagline exceed around 60 – 63 characters then it’s not likely to won’t be displayed by Google and other search engines. And we have no control over what they display so it makes sense to be savvy about this.

    one cool site | WordPress blogging tips, tools & tutorials (58 characters) and it displays on Google, Bing, etc. no problem.



    P.S. I teach other bloggers how to fish. I don’t fish, cook the fish, and and serve it to them and then wash their dishes and hear what a good gal I am. If I did that I would create a blogger, who does not know how to fish.


    To much work for me to do it will have to stay as it is :) i’ve put the site link in the wrting is just above the pages.

    Fishing ? i have never fished so now i have to start fishing :) thats going to cost a lot out of my pension and i hate the water.



    Hi again,
    Aha! You meant text on the header image which only humans can read. It didn’t understand that at all. I thought you meant the blog title and tagline.

    IMO the header image needs to be removed and replaced. The image quality is poor. Then a new one needs to be made and the text on the image needs to be placed up higher on it.


    TT, thank you i will look into that and see what i can do.

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