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Altered primary and visibility blog behavior

  1. Forgive me if this isn't clear, as I'm having trouble understanding exactly what is going on myself. I have two blogs. Awhile ago, I made the first one private, and made the second one my primary one. I also hid the first one from the dashboard, and made only the second viewable. All was well; the options under "My Account" and the "My Dashboard" link always took me directly to the pages pertaining to the second blog.

    Today I noticed that the options listed in the "My Account" dropdown menu are now pointing towards my first blog. The "My Dashboard" menu isn't a dropdown, and instead it takes me straight to the first blog -- not the second. I have played around with the visibility settings, but to no avail -- if I hide the first blog from the dashboard and make the second one visible, clicking on "My Dashboard" always sends me off to the first one.

    I would like to keep the first one private and hidden from the dashboard, and the second one public and viewable via the dashboard, as the second one is the one I use the most.

  2. These are the instructions for changing blog visibility ie. Privacy settings >

    If you have followed them and have not experienced success I believe your only alternative may be to file a support ticket so Staff can rectify the problem.

  3. I played around with some settings, as I mentioned earlier, and got nothing different. Awhile after having done this, however, the desired behavior came back as it was prior to me posting this topic. I'm guessing this had little to do with what I was trying and more to do with some odd combination of events.

    I'll mark this as resolved -- but I have no exact solution to it, which is a shame.

    Thank you for your advice, timethief. It was appreciated.

  4. You're welcome. I hope this does not "come undone" and wish you all the best.

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