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Altering DNS settings to point to external host

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I currently have my proto-blog hosted on the servers. I want to move it to my externally hosted domain (Hostpapa) and have been following the excellent walk-through guide here:

    I want to move this onto externally hosted servers and have bought a domain name ( and paid for hosting through Hostpapa.

    I'm stuck at the final stage whereby I essentially notify wordpress that my blog is now hosted externally and therefore has different DNS settings. The only help I can find in the support pages tells me how to change my registrar's DNS settings to point to the WordPress servers, not the other way round. I have seen some posts indicating that this should be available in "Domain Management" but I think this option might only be available if you register the domain through WordPress and I've already registered mine!!

    Any help would be masively appreciated!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You will need to buy the domain mapping upgrade and then use the trick explained in the following support document to redirect to your new self-hosted blog.

  3. Not my strong suite, but this looks like this should do the trick:

    Good luck

  4. @TSP - should have known better than to try and type faster than you :)

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