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    I have edited the Alternate Text for an image via the Admin screen -> Media -> Edit. But after I edit and update the details, if I go to the post to which the image is linked and view the image details there, the alternate text is missing.
    Is the alternate text in media images different from alternate text in the images in the post?? If so, which is the text that I should be editing?

    The blog I need help with is


    You have open that post in the editor, click on the image, click on the edit image icon, and click the “update image” button and then click the update button to save the post. The image attributes will not automatically update on images that have already been inserted into a post or page.



    It’s not different, but what might be happening is if the image is linked either to a URL or to itself (link to file) the link’s alt text overrides the image’s alt text. The image’s alt text can be read by search engines, but not people. The LINK alt text is what pops up, and if you don’t put any it, nothing shows up.



    The LINK alt text is what pops up, and if you don't put any it, nothing shows up.

    If you use the image title tag, the image title tag pops up when you hover the mouse. Even if your image is not linked.

    The alt tag is viewed by visitors in situations when the image is taking too long to load. Then the alt text shows up in place of the image.



    raincoaster, so this mean that if I want my image to be seen by search engines, then I should be updating the alt text of the image.
    But if I need the alt text to be viewed when the image does not load up, then I should update the alt text of the post, the way that thesacredpath has said.
    I hope I got it right?


    The search engines can only get the alt and title tags from the HTML code of an image that is inserted into a web page or post. The alt and title tags have to be in that image HTML code or they will never find it. When you update the alt and title tags in the media library those tags are not part of the image. They are stored in the wordpress database which is not accessible to the search engines.

    You must update the alt tags in the posts themselves and that will actually update them in the media library as well.



    Oh ok, got it. Thanks :)


    You’re welcome.

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